My personal stories elsewhere on the web

Just out of curiosity, I typed my name in the search field on Google to see if my name is mentioned anywhere else. Because Kuensel had a few articles about me before but I could not find them. I think they have deleted those posts now. But to my surprise, I found out that a few blogs and websites do contain stories about me. I am so glad and impressed that so many people have found it worth to write about me. I would like to heartily thank all the bloggers and others who have taken time to write about me on their blogs and websites. So, I have decided to share the links here for my own reference and for others who might be interested to know more about me through the eyes of others. I would update the list as soon as I get to know any new publication about me.

Once again, I am very grateful to all those who have cared to write sweet articles about me especially my friend Rikku Dhan Subba and Sherab Tenzin. I truly value your love and respect. God bless you and God bless all! I had found a few articles on Kuensel's website till 2011 especially about the gold medal I had won in 2005 for my academic excellence and my achievement during Civil Service Common Exams in 2005 but now it seems they have removed them. Anyway, I had never felt so cared and loved. Xoxo to all.


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