Thursday, June 11, 2020

What we dream alone remains a dream but what we dream together can become a reality

When the US President, John F. Kennedy visited the NASA Space Center in 1962, he took a chance to talk to a janitor who was cleaning and mopping the floor. When asked what he was doing, the janitor smiled and said that he was helping his country to put the first man on the moon. To most people, the janitor was only a cleaner but in the larger context, he was very much part of the national vision of his country. It was the collective effort and dream of all those who worked at the NASA including the cleaners, drivers, technicians, engineers and scientists that made it possible for the United States to successfully send the first man to the moon in 1969.

Each of us might have different roles in the society, but we all have equal share of responsibilities in contributing towards achieving the national goals of our country. Just as every single part of an aircraft is equally important in ensuring a safe and smooth flight, we all have an equally important role to play at our own levels. Whether one is a cleaner or a boss, an organization cannot function effectively without either of them. In any area of work, we have to come together as a team, dream together and work together. It is therefore very important that everybody has a clear understanding of the national goals and vision so that we all know what we are doing and why it matters.

Today, the Royal Government of Bhutan is working so hard to put all necessary measures in place to prevent community transmission of COVID-19. Each organization is taking numerous initiatives to ensure that every Bhutanese stays safe and healthy, and everybody in the society including those working in government, private and corporate sectors is contributing towards this common vision. Even staying at home and taking care of children, not allowing them to loiter around in the public is a contribution at this point of time. Only if all of us could take good care of ourselves, we can prevent local transmission of the virus. Our collective responsibility for now is to respect the advisory issued by the government and practice all safety measures to contribute towards helping Bhutan stay safe from the pandemic. Each of us has an equally important role in this mission. It is quite worrisome that we seem to be getting more relaxed and complacent despite the virus closing in from the Middle East and the neighboring states of India in the recent times. If just one person makes a blunder and gets infected, it would be a national disaster for a small society like ours. When His Majesty the King is risking his own personal safety to keep us safe, we should be responsible enough to at least take care of ourselves. Our national dream at the moment is to maintain 0 local transmission of the virus in Bhutan and if we dream it together as a nation, we can definitely make it a reality.

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