Saturday, June 20, 2020

Cruelty and hatred: the negative forces that can destroy humanity

Although human civilizations have begun thousands of years ago, it seems we are still far from the touch of humanity. The birth of modern education has revolutionized the way we think and behave, but it has failed to ignite in mankind the universal values of love and compassion. Every day, people are being tortured, raped or murdered mostly by those who are said to be educated and civilized. There has been hardly a day in my life when I have not heard or read the stories of human madness and brutality. The stories of innocent people being kidnapped, tortured and killed in the name of race, faith and political differences, the innocent girls and women being sexually exploited, harassed, raped and murdered by lustful men, the innocent children being abused and tortured to death, all point to the fact that there are still many people in the world who have not yet fully grown into a real human being. It is very sad that human beings, the so-called most intelligent, sensible and wise species of all, are capable of doing such a thing to another human beings.

The brutal rape and murder of two innocent young girls in Thimphu and Paro in 2019 and the recent gruesome murder of two Bhutanese women in the neighboring Indian town of Jaigaong are only a few examples of how monsterous can humans be. Hundreds and thousands of people are suffering everyday around the world, overpowered by the strong and powerful. The painful hues and cries of these innocent souls are never heard and we have no option but to move on with a deep sense of sadness. I often wonder why some people are born with criminal tendencies while others are born with saintly characteristics. I wish if we could have the entire human population interwoven into a social fabric, underlined by unconditional love and trust for each other. After all, we all belong to the same species, regardless of our gender, race, ethnicity, religion and socio-economic and political differences.

If human beings who are blest with all the faculties to think, speak and defend for themselves have to go through such a situation everyday, we can just imagine how much the innocent animals who neither have voice nor arms for self-defense are suffering at the hands of humans. Hunting and fishing have been our primary source of food since the beginning of human history, but over the years, people have become more aggressive towards animals and fishes in a bid to serve unique menu in hotels and restaurants.

In 2015, I and some of my colleagues were on an official visit to a youth organization in Tamilnadu, India where we were once taken out for lunch in a hotel. While flipping through the menu, we were shocked to find a dish ‘Live Barrelfish Fried’ which we could not even think about. In China, there is a special delicacy called ‘Yin Yang fish’ which usually consists of an oil-fried carp fish whose head, protected from the oil while frying, remains alive even after its body gets cooked. The fish is covered with sauce and served, with its mouth still continuing to gasp for air and eyes continuing to move, especially when irritated by the sauce.

Likewise, there are so many examples of human brutalities on this planet. It is true that this world is full of cruelty and hatred. It is increasingly becoming a living hell for many of us. May we have the love and compassion to transform this inhuman world into a more peaceful and harmonious society!