Sunday, June 28, 2020

Enjoy the coffee, not the cups

Everyday, we complain about life not being fair. We always find excuses to take things for granted and when something does not go our way, we get frustrated and find reasons to shift the blame to somebody else. In our casual conversations, we often find ourselves talking about people whom we do not like and things that we hate doing. We tend to focus too much on things that are beyond our control and that makes us unhappy. It is true that the main source of our stress is indeed our desire to always have the best for ourselves, and when we do not achieve what we wish to achieve, we start grumbling about life.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Cruelty and hatred: the negative forces that can destroy humanity

Although human civilizations have begun thousands of years ago, it seems we are still far from the touch of humanity. The birth of modern education has revolutionized the way we think and behave, but it has failed to ignite in mankind the universal values of love and compassion. Every day, people are being tortured, raped or murdered mostly by those who are said to be educated and civilized. There has been hardly a day in my life when I have not heard or read the stories of human madness and brutality. The stories of innocent people being kidnapped, tortured and killed in the name of race, faith and political differences, the innocent girls and women being sexually exploited, harassed, raped and murdered by lustful men, the innocent children being abused and tortured to death, all point to the fact that there are still many people in the world who have not yet fully grown into a real human being. It is very sad that human beings, the so-called most intelligent, sensible and wise species of all, are capable of doing such a thing to another human beings.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

What we dream alone remains a dream but what we dream together can become a reality

When the US President, John F. Kennedy visited the NASA Space Center in 1962, he took a chance to talk to a janitor who was cleaning and mopping the floor. When asked what he was doing, the janitor smiled and said that he was helping his country to put the first man on the moon. To most people, the janitor was only a cleaner but in the larger context, he was very much part of the national vision of his country. It was the collective effort and dream of all those who worked at the NASA including the cleaners, drivers, technicians, engineers and scientists that made it possible for the United States to successfully send the first man to the moon in 1969.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

What we carry on our mind determines the quality of life we live everyday

Once upon a time, a senior and a junior monk were walking back to their monastery after visiting their village. Soon they reached a big river and as they prepared themselves to cross it, they saw a young girl who was also attempting to cross the river. Not being able to take the risk, the girl approached the monks and asked if they could help her get to the other side. The two monks looked at each other because they had taken oath that they would never touch a girl. After thinking for a while, the older monk invited the girl to climb over his shoulders, carried her across the river, sat her on the other bank of the river and continued his journey. The young monk could not believe what just happened. Without saying a word, he overtook the senior monk and walked as fast as he could, completely upset and angry. Hours passed by without exchanging even a single word. Finally they caught up with each other at a stupa near their monastery and not being able to hold it any longer, the young monk burst out “As ordained monks, you know that we cannot touch a girl, but why did you carry that woman at the river? You will never be forgiven for breaking that oath!” The senior monk smiled and said, “Oh my dear brother, I had just carried her across the river and left her on the bank, but it seems you are still carrying her!”