Sunday, May 10, 2020

Life under the shadow of Coronavirus

Photo of flowers on the mountain with Sun rising in the horizon. Image courtesy:

The month of May is here in all its natural grandeur. The tender blossoms from the balconies of buildings, gardens and forests are seen rejoicing in the cool breath of Nature, with their colorful petals smiling at the Spring Sun. The mountains and valleys have rolled back to life after being withered by the freezing temperatures of winter. The blessings of Nature are everywhere, in the tender petals of flowers, in the singing of the seasonal birds, or in the beautiful rivers flowing through the valleys. But this year, something is missing in the air. With COVID-19 pandemic still looming round the corner, the feeling of serene calmness and tranquility the Spring season usually brings has not yet sunk in.

It has been more than five months now since the virus first emerged in China but the world has not yet been able to bring it under complete control. Thousands of lives have perished in the wave of the pandemic and people are still dying everyday. It has been the biggest public health crisis of our times that has taken a huge toll on human lives and our economy. Nevertheless, Bhutan has been the luckiest nation of all until now. With the blessings of our visionary king and selfless contributions of our leaders and frontline workers, we haven’t seen even a single case of local or community transmission in the country so far. This is a piece of good news for us at the moment because for a small population like ours, the virus can easily spread like wild fire through local transmission. The confirmation that the businessman from JomoTsangkha who had tested positive for the virus tested negative thrice has come as a huge relief for the entire population of Bhutan.

As we keep our watchful eyes on the pandemic situation in the neighboring Indian states of West Bengal and Assam everyday, the most important step we can take at the moment to stay safe from the virus is to respect the rules and regulations the government has put in place to ensure our safety at this point of time such as maintaining social/physical distancing, staying at home, practicing regular handwashing and avoiding unnecessary gatherings or travels. In such a crisis, being able to take care of ourselves itself is a huge contribution to the nation. If we all come together in one spirit, we can definitely help our nation safely navigate through this crisis. May the Guardian Deities of Bhutan continue to bless us as always, and may we soon be able to return to our normal life again!

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