Wednesday, April 29, 2020

A song of death and impermanence

In the endless cycle of birth and rebirth,
We are entangled in this suffering-laden Samsara;
Though we were born and reborn millions of times in the world,
Never had we been fortunate enough to find the path to enlightenment.

Now that we are born in the human realm,
And have been blest with the most precious life of all,
Let us look into our own inner self
And follow the spiritual path to rewrite our fate.

No matter how much wealth and power we enjoy in life,
Nothing can we take with us when we leave;
Only if we have lived our life true to its meaning and purpose,
We can find peace on our deathbed.

Once we are born,
Nobody is immortal;
One day or the other we all have to die
And that is the most painful truth none of us can escape.

Thank you my Lama,
My most precious master,
For showing me the light
Through the darkness of my life.

Like the shining star,
May your life be blest with peace and tranquility;
And until every single sentient being attains enlightenment,
May your service to mankind continue to flourish!

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  1. Your song and the dedication are very true. Keep up with the same spirit and may you success in practicing drama. I will pray for your good life ahead.

    1. Thank you so much for your prayers and wishes. Please do come back for more updates.....

  2. Don't lose sight of exactly who you are writing that song for. Spotify Playlist Placement If you are taking some one on that journey make sure you know exactly who that person is and write the song accordingly.