Wednesday, April 29, 2020

A song of death and impermanence

In the endless cycle of birth and rebirth,
We are entangled in this suffering-laden Samsara;
Though we were born and reborn millions of times in the world,
Never had we been fortunate enough to find the path to enlightenment.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

The significance of Dradu and Dilbu, the two commonly used ritual instruments in Throema practice

Photo of Dradu and Dilbu

In Throema practice, the practitioners use a small ritual drum called Dradu and a bell called Dilbu. These ritual instruments give a spiritual rhythm to the prayers. But they have deeper meaning and significance than what we think we know. According to His Eminence Garab Rinpoche, the pioneer of Throema practice in modern times, a Dradu is more than just a circular drum made of a hollow wooden cavity covered on two sides by a thin animal skin. I feel it is important that all Throema practitioners know the actual significance of these seemingly simple-looking ritual instruments while using them.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Looking through both darker and brighter side of COVID-19 pandemic

The schools and colleges are closed. The towns look desolate with only a handful of people and cars on the streets. The public offices and business organizations have gone quiet with people taking turns to come to work. Most of the people have chosen to stay at home, away from the crowds. The city of Thimphu which used to be bustling with human activities almost 24 hours a day now appears dead and dull. The COVID-19 pandemic has slowed down the entire economy. With the number of confirmed cases and related deaths running in tens of thousands across the globe, we are beginning to feel the real weight of the pandemic. People are losing their jobs everyday as the countries are going through economic paralysis.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Fix the face, not the mirror

A drunken man was walking home after a party one late night when he suddenly lost his balance and fell into a bush of thorns. When he reached home, he quietly sneaked into the bathroom and looked at the mirror. He was shocked to see that he had bruises and scratches all over his face. He suddenly realized that he had been warned by his wife never to drink again and if he did, she would leave him. With the hope of playing it safe, he got his first-aid kit and dressed all his bruises to tell his wife in the morning that he accidentally fell down on the road while walking home in the dark. But in the morning, he woke up to his wife yelling at him for drinking again. He protested saying that he never drank at the party. But his wife took him to the bathroom and showed him how he had placed the bandages all over the mirror. He did not have even a single bandage on his face.