Sunday, December 22, 2019

Relishing memories from the 112th National Day celebration in Thimphu

Photo of His Majesty the King about to address the 112th National Day event at Changlemithang, Thimphu. Image courtesy: Facebook

As the people of Bhutan came together to celebrate the 112th National Day on 17th December 2019, the atmosphere in Changlemithang stadium in Thimphu was filled with the glory of our past. Thousands of people had dared the freezing temperatures of the winter night to be at the stadium for the event as early as 01:00 in the morning. As the sun rose up in the horizon, the valleys below began to brim with life and music. The beautiful tapestry of people in uniform, Desuups and scouts marching to the sweet melody of our national song: Gawa Dugo Kiba Dugo and the spectacular display of our national flag in the air added so much color to the event. As the helicopter flew over the valley carrying our national flag behind it, I prayed in silence for my country to be blest with peace and harmony forever.

His Majesty the King’s address to the nation was equally thrilling and moving. His concerns and vision for the future of our nation echoed loud and clear. He once again reminded us of our fundamental duties and responsibilities as citizens. He gave us the motivation and inspiration to work harder to transform our nation as per the new demands of the 21st century.

The introduction of Gyalsung, the national service for youth aged 18 years and above from 2022 coinciding with the Golden Jubilee of His Majesty the Fourth King’s coronation came as a big news for the parents and young people themselves. As envisioned by His Majesty the King, The year-long Gyalsung program is expected to create platforms for young people to learn how to love their country more intelligently and acquire relevant knowledge, skills and experiences to contribute to the nation-building process more effectively. The program includes three months of military training and nine months of specialized training packages. After the training, each youth is expected to work as a volunteer in relevant fields for at least 30 days annually until he or she is 40 years old. This would give them adequate opportunities to dedicate their free time to the service of our nation.

The general excitement of the public however hit its climax when His Majesty the King announced that Her Majesty the Gyaltsuen was expecting their second Royal child. Both those who were at the Changlemithang stadium and those of us who were watching the event on television at home roared with extreme joy and excitement. We are so fortunate that we live in a society where we have no secrets. His Majesty the King constantly shares his joy with us and we celebrate it together as a nation.

The overall celebration of the event in Thimphu was filled with colors and melodies that rose from the Changlemithang ground. The release of 500 balloons into the air by young dancers as part of their performance painted the horizon in yellow, the color that blends us with our beloved kings. The laser show in the evening lighted up the valley and painted our history on the mountain-walls on the other side of Changlemithang stadium. It made us relive the glory of our nation’s history. The event showed us enough reasons why we should be proud of being a Bhutanese.

Photo of helicopter carrying Bhutan's national flag. Image courtesy: HB Rai's Facebook timeline

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