Friday, November 22, 2019

Integrating spirituality into everyday life

Photo of myself standing in front of a stupa in Paro

When we are in prayer, we are a perfect human being, so kind and compassionate towards everybody around us. We feel the pain of all other sentient beings in the universe and wish them to be liberated from this world of suffering forever. It is during a prayer that we become aware of our vices and seek forgiveness for the sins we have committed in life. For a moment, we reach the state of enlightenment, where we overcome our negative thoughts and get closest to the true nature of our mind. If we can maintain this state of mind throughout our life, we can be the most perfect human being on Earth. But sadly, the kind of person we portray ourselves to be during a prayer ceases to exist once we walk out of the prayer room. For the rest of the day, we continue to live like a monster with thoughts and actions discolored by anger, jealousy, greed, ego and other negative emotions.

We visit temples and other religious sites especially during auspicious occasions to offer prayers but if we can’t transform ourselves at the end of the day, such spiritual engagements serve no purpose. We should be able to integrate our spiritual experiences and wisdom into our everyday life and become a better human being. Visiting temples and offering prayers are only the means of disciplining our mind and preparing it for the ultimate spiritual transformation. The actual transformation should come from within. When we talk about spiritual transformation, it does not mean that we have to become like Lord Buddha or any other enlightened being. Small behavioral changes like being aware of one’s thoughts and actions, and being nice to everything and everybody around us can be a big achievement. As spiritual practitioners, this is what we should strive for.

As a Throema practitioner, I have been trying my best to incorporate some of the teachings that I have received from my Root Lama into my daily life. Although it is not easy to apply everything that we learn and experience during a spiritual practice in real life, I feel that I have now become more aware of my own inner self and that has been helping me become more mindful of what is going on both within and around me while interacting with people. As I continue my spiritual journey under the constant supervision of my Root Lama, I am learning how to control my desires, jealousy, love, greed, ego and above all, anger. If we can overcome those negative thoughts and emotions, we can definitely make this life more meaningful. Even if we can’t be good to everybody around us, we would at least not have the heart to harm anybody.

When negative emotions engulf us, we should let them freely pass by and we will not be affected. But if we try to block them and hold them back, they can ruin our life. The more we dwell on them, the more we will suffer. We can never be happy with a disturbed mind. Let us use prayers and other spiritual activities to cleanse our mind of all defilements and live a new life everyday. May all sentient beings be blest with eternal peace and happiness!


  1. This gave me quite a good kick, and brought back to my senses. Indeed, we need to reflect on our minds, thoughts all the time, not only during prayers.

  2. Thank you so much for seconding my views, Riks.... You are absolutely right.

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    1. Absolutely true. Thanks for the support. See you back again!

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