Sunday, July 7, 2019

What's happening to the extra time that modern technologies give us everyday?

In the past when we did not have any technology to ease our life, we had to do everything manually. We had to be always busy because we had to be everywhere physically to get our jobs done. Even to visit the nearest town and to get back home, we had to walk for days and weeks on foot or horses. During those days, it made sense when people said they were busy all the time. Nevertheless, they still had time for social and family events in the community.

Today, the advent of modern technologies has made our life easier than ever. The mechanized farming has enabled us to grow our food in one location so that we don’t have to waste time looking for food. The automobiles, trains, aircrafts and ships have made it possible for us to travel to different places within no time since they travel faster than horses. The washing machines and driers have enabled us to clean our cloths with minimal manual intervention, and rice-cookers, boilers and other kitchen appliances have significantly cut short our cooking time. In the office, the computers and laptops have made it easier for people to prepare documents and generate reports which used to take enormous time and energy for typists and stenographers in the past. The communication technologies such as telephones, mobile phones and emails have also enabled us to communicate with each other faster than ever without having to personally carry messages or send out letters as in the past.

In the modern world, it seems we are saving a lot of time everyday with the help of technology. In every sector, people have technologies that enable them to do their jobs faster than ever. The jobs requiring several days of hard labor in the past can now be done within hours. It is said that technologies have been invented to save time for us. If this is true, then we should be having a lot of free time today. But the irony is that despite the constant use of technology in each sphere of our life, we still continue to be busier than ever. What is happening to the extra time we are saving everyday?

Studies have shown that modern technologies are saving two weeks for each person in a year but if we compare the world we live in today and the world we had lived in the past, we should be saving more time everyday. Everything is moving on so fast, be it at home or in the office. We no longer have to spend hours on our daily tasks. But the sad thing is that we never seem to catch up with time. No matter how fast we complete our tasks, we somehow end up being engaged throughout the day. We never seem to get the opportunity to enjoy the extra time we have saved everyday. The prediction of 1970s and 1980s that modern technologies would give us a lot of free time in the future appears to be unrealistic. We don’t seem to have time even for ourselves, forget about families and other social engagements. In the bustling urban life, time seems to be always flying faster, no matter how much we try to catch up with it. I am just wondering where is the extra time that technologies are giving us everyday going.

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