Saturday, July 13, 2019

If we have the heart to help, the power of love never dies

A man was driving along a rural highway one late evening when he spotted an old lady stranded with her car on the side of the road. Wondering if she was in trouble, he stopped his car. As he walked out of his car and approached her, he could sense a mixed feeling of relief and nervousness on her face. She felt relieved because at least she had somebody to seek help from but she was also nervous and afraid that the man might harm her. But as he got closer, he called out “Hello, I am Brian and I am here to help you.” The old lady instantly glowed with a broad smile and thanked him for his kindness. She told him that she had a flat tire and that she had no idea how to change it. The man got under her car, removed the flat tire and replaced it with the spare one. The grease and dusts made his hands dirty and he even injured his finger while tightening the wheel-nuts. After fixing the tire, the lady thanked him and asked him “How much do I owe you for the work?” The man smiled and said “You don’t owe me anything. If you really wish to pay me, just help somebody else in your life just as I have helped you today” said the man as he drove away.

A few days later, the old lady was in a local restaurant. As she was settling down for a cup of coffee, a young pregnant waitress came up to clean her table. She felt so sorry for her because in such a condition, she should have been taking rest at home, not working in the restaurant. After having the coffee, she handed a 100$ note to the waitress. The waitress went to the counter to get the change but when she came back, the old lady was gone. On the table was a piece of paper left with the message “Please keep the change. You don’t owe me anything. If you really want to pay me, please do not let this chain of love end with you. Help somebody in your life just as I have done today”.

The young waitress became very happy because in a few weeks’ time, she was to give birth and she had definitely needed money. In the evening, she went home with a lot of excitement and joy. As soon as she reached home, she shared the good news to her husband. What she didn’t know was that the old lady was the same person her husband Brian had helped on the highway weeks earlier.

The key message this story is driving home is that if we have the heart to help, we don’t have to be a superhuman to touch lives. Through small acts of kindness, we can make a lot of difference in life. If we learn to share love, we will definitely get it back when we need it the most.

Author's note

The above article has been inspired by a motivational story I had read somewhere. I could not trace it to acknowledge the source.


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