Friday, March 15, 2019

Truckers: the unsung heroes on our roads

Photo of a loaded Bhutanese truck. Image source: Google

As the world below disappears into a miasma of fog and darkness, the driver slows down his truck and decides to stop for the night. He parks his fully loaded truck on the edge of the road and asks his assistant to start preparing dinner. His assistant takes out an old kerosene stove, lights it up and cooks a simple meal for dinner. Once the food is ready, they have it together and after cleaning up the mess, they climb back to the cabin of the truck to sleep. They get up early in the morning the next day and continue their journey. Such was the life of truck drivers when I was a young boy and I think they will have the same stories to share even today. They have no time for their families and friends. They spend almost their entire life on the road, hauling goods from one place to another.

When we see truckers on the road, it is important to remember that they are the actual heroes who save our lives everyday. Without their service, our economy would freeze and we won’t have access to all the goods and services that we need for our survival. With no waterways and air cargo services in Bhutan, the truckers serve as the real backbone of our economy. They are the key players in connecting different communities and integrating them into the mainstream economy. If all the trucks are pulled off the road, it is not difficult to imagine how badly we all will be affected. Just in a matter of few days, we will have no food, vegetables, cloths and other basic necessities that we need everyday. The dealers of perishable goods will run into loss, the hospitals will run short of medical supplies, the fuel stations will have no fuel, and all other businesses will stall. Yet, the trucking profession throughout the world goes unrecognized and unappreciated. The truckers are indeed the unsung heroes on our roads who put their lives on the line everyday to keep our economy alive.

Driving a vehicle which is as big as the width of the road and that too loaded with heavy cargo, is not an easy task. What make life even worse for truck drivers are the risks they have to take every day, fighting harsh weather, freezing temperatures, icy or muddy roads and rocky terrains. Over the years, some of them have even lost their lives on the roads. They have no time to sleep or eat properly. They have to be prepared to hold nights wherever their trucks break down or wherever the road is blocked. They hardly get time to relax and socialize with their loved ones. They make such a huge sacrifice everyday to contribute to our economic development. Without them, none of us can survive. They are an integral part of our national economy. Their profession definitely deserves our respect and appreciation for the sacrifices they make everyday to meet our demands in the market. So the next time we see them on the road, we should never forget to thank them.


  1. Its really true. Sir you have reflected the truth of the very true story.

    1. Thank you so much for seconding my views. Your comment is very encouraging for an ordinary blogger like me...

  2. Good storyline. Keep going Amrith

  3. Dear Amrith , when I read through this short articles I did not fund any new storyline of truck drivers' lives, but found something amazing and inspiring quality that yoh have in you which not many people have.
    May god bless you