Thursday, March 28, 2019

Smaller deeds done are better than greater deeds planned

It is said that a young man was once walking along the seashore when he saw the beach littered with thousands of starfish that had been washed up by tidal waves. He instantly got down to his knees and began the most arduous task of rescuing the helpless creatures. He picked them up one by one and threw them back to the water. A few hours later, an old man who had been watching him from the distance approached him and asked him how much difference he would be able to make by doing so, because there were still thousands of starfish on the beach. Without uttering a word, he bent down, picked up one starfish and threw it into the water. He then turned around, smiled at the old man and said “I have made a difference at least to that one”.

We don’t always have to accomplish great deeds to change the world. Even the smallest initiatives we take everyday can make a lot of difference in the society. It is important to dream big, but it is more important to start small. Just as people say that the journey of a thousand mile begins with a single step, there is no escalator to success. The brightness of our future can be tracked only if we can move forward inch by inch, carefully planning our maneuver in life.

When we think of global issues, we find ourselves too insignificant or too weak to be part of the solutions. But if we break down those challenges and look at them individually, we will realize that we can definitely help address them in bits and pieces, and make a difference in the society in our own small ways. For instance, we cannot feed the entire world and eradicate global poverty, but on our part, we can at least stop wasting our food and feed a few hungry souls that we come across in our community. We may not be able to address climate change and the associated natural disasters, but every single tree that we plant, or every single plastic waste that we pick up from the natural environment, are very much part of the solutions to such problems. Every time I close water-taps or turn off lights when not needed, I know I am saving these resources for others and for the future. Even watering a few pots of indoor plants gives me a feeling that I am making some difference in the world, because I know that even those plants are taking in their own share of carbon dioxide and giving out oxygen for us to breathe. Likewise, walking on foot often makes me feel good that I am not contributing to global warming because at least my car is not releasing carbon emissions into the atmosphere. To me, all these small actions that we take in our daily lives are part of the global vision to create a harmonious, sustainable and peaceful world for all of us to live in. We should never think that we are just a drop in the ocean. Starting right from the time we wake up in the morning to the time we get back to bed at night, we are making a difference in the society everyday, no matter how small it may be.

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