Sunday, February 24, 2019

The positive and negative energy that charge our mind

The meaning of our life is defined by how we look at things around us, not by the kind of world we live in. Even the hell can be a better place if we can find beauty in what we see. But if we let our negative thoughts overshadow our mind, we cannot find peace even in heaven. The inner happiness that lights up our life is basically determined by how positive we are. If we cannot recognize and sift the negative energy out of our mind, we will never be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel when we get caught up in a mess. Only those who have the heart to see beauty in things around them can understand what it means to be optimistic and positive in life. If we always focus at the darker side of what we see, we cannot find the strength to overcome challenges and move on. For a positive person, even a crisis will have a silver lining. But for someone with a negative attitude, it is the end of everything. A pessimistic mind filled with negative energy can never lift you up from the mess once you have fallen down.

Just like the magnetic field, our mind is charged with positive and negative energy. The positive energy enables us to see the brighter side of the world while the negative energy narrows our vision and darkens our world. All of us are unique and special with our own set of virtues and vices. But if we only see the vices in people around us, we must know that we are being overpowered by negative energy. It is true that some of us have the tendency to look at only the negative aspects of things and fail to appreciate their beauty. You will find such people always grumbling and complaining, no matter how much you try to please them. But a positive person will always be able to see the good in others and appreciate everything in life. Psychologically, it is said that the more you can see the good in others, the happier you will become because you will be able to live in harmony with everybody in the society. But on the contrary, seeing only the negative qualities in others would make you feel less safe, less supported and isolated because you can never get along with people around you.

Another important aspect of a positive mind is the ability to understand the underlying intention of people around you. When you are upset, you may find your friends talking nonsense to you but their intention might be to make you forget the pain and give you comfort. We often jump at conclusions too quickly and throw our frustrations without carefully reading the mind of people around us. Therefore, it is very important to understand the intention behind everything you come across in life and learn to appreciate it.

Being grateful to others for even the smallest favor they have done for us is another important quality of a positive mind. Every day, we come across many generous souls including even the strangers who come out of their way to give us a helping hand when they see us in trouble. We should always respect them and be grateful to them for their help. If we can’t appreciate what others do for us, we will not be able to appreciate all other blessings that come our way.

The ultimate reality is that a positive mind can open up new horizons for us and take us afar. If we feed our mind with positive thoughts every day, we can find new hopes and dreams in every step we make in life. But if we let our negative thoughts contaminate our mind, we will never be able to find peace in the world. Therefore, let us always look at life through a positive mind and find the hidden beauty in things we see around us. Let us not waste our time focusing on things that are not helpful to us.

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