Sunday, February 24, 2019

The positive and negative energy that charge our mind

The meaning of our life is defined by how we look at things around us, not by the kind of world we live in. Even the hell can be a better place if we can find beauty in what we see. But if we let our negative thoughts overshadow our mind, we cannot find peace even in heaven. The inner happiness that lights up our life is basically determined by how positive we are. If we cannot recognize and sift the negative energy out of our mind, we will never be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel when we get caught up in a mess. Only those who have the heart to see beauty in things around them can understand what it means to be optimistic and positive in life. If we always focus at the darker side of what we see, we cannot find the strength to overcome challenges and move on. For a positive person, even a crisis will have a silver lining. But for someone with a negative attitude, it is the end of everything. A pessimistic mind filled with negative energy can never lift you up from the mess once you have fallen down.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Plastic pollution, one of the biggest environmental concerns of our time

The recent decision of the government to reinforce the ban on plastic bags has triggered some interesting debates on social media. Many people still believe that plastic pollution can be addressed better through public education, not through policies or levies. But the experiences that we have got over the past 20 years tell us that these two should go together. When the ban on plastic bags was first introduced in 1999, there was no enough public awareness on the harmful effects of plastic wastes. As a result, the single-use plastic bags and other plastic products continued to appear in the market and litter our natural environment: polluting our soil, air and water. Of course, there was a time when we started getting Doma, meat and some other products wrapped in newspapers but with no proper public education and monitoring system in place, this initiative could not last long. Today, most of us are aware of the adverse impact of plastic wastes on our environment and health, but with no active policy in place, we have become complacent over the years.