Sunday, January 20, 2019

Reflecting on the meaning of life as I embark on another level of spiritual journey

Group photo with Lama

It was a good coincidence this time that my New Year began with a special spiritual retreat which enlightened me on many aspects of human life. Administered by my own Root Lama, the sacred teachings and the subsequent meditations opened a new horizon for my spiritual journey. For the first time in my life, I could see a light that could ultimately guide me to my grave and beyond. I deeply regret that I have already wasted 38 years of my precious life, lost in the whimsies and fancies of the materialistic world. But now that I have received the most special teachings from my Lama, I shall try my best to make the remaining part of my life more meaningful than before.

For thousands of years since the time immemorial, we have been stuck in this world of suffering, clouded by ignorance, anger, desires, ego and jealousy, the five poisons that defile our mind. Only when we are born as human beings, we have the capability and opportunity to practice Dharma and break free from the vicious cycle of pain and suffering. No other sentient beings have the conscience and wisdom to recognize and follow the path to enlightenment like human beings. That’s why, human life is considered too precious to be wasted, running after materialistic comfort and worldly pleasures. We are in fact the luckiest of all sentient beings for being blest with such a beautiful life and that too in a Buddhist nation where we have all the opportunities to meet great masters and practice Dharma if we have the will to do so.

Group photo of visually impaired Dharma friends with Lama

Death is the most painful reality of our life. But how we face it depends entirely on how we have lived our life when we were alive. If we have been a good human being, practicing Dharma under the guidance and supervision of the Root Lama, I think it can be said that we have been somehow prepared to meet this ultimate fate. The greatest advantage of having a Root Lama to guide your spiritual practice is that you can have access even to those confidential teachings which only the ordained Dharma practitioners are entitled to. The real purpose of this life is to prepare for death and not to shy away from it and enjoy the sensual pleasures the world has to offer. We often take impermanence as an excuse for visiting bars, night clubs and other entertainments to enjoy our life to the fullest. I am beginning to understand that from the spiritual perspective, living such a life is a sheer waste of precious time which could have been otherwise invested on preparing for our next life. We can never know if we will have the same opportunity to come back as human beings in the future. Today, we stand at a crossroad where we still have the opportunity to re-discover ourselves and embrace the path that would lead us to enlightenment. It is still not too late to re-define the meaning of our life and start preparing for our next rebirth.

Photo of me after the Phowa session

My resolutions for the year 2019 are simple. I shall try to focus more on spiritual practice from this year and always be guided by the teachings of my Root Lama. I shall reflect on my own inner self more intently and closely watch how I deal with my desires, anger, ignorance, ego and jealousy so that I can conquer them in bits and pieces as I move on with my practice. Through meditations, I hope to learn more about myself and explore how I can be a better human being. With the blessings of my Root Lama, I hope to live the rest of my life in a more meaningful way. May all the sentient beings be blest with eternal peace and happiness!

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