Tuesday, January 29, 2019

A tribute to my precious Guru, Lama Singye

My dear Lama, you have been my real source of light
For, you have shown me a path, so tranquil and bright;
I have until now wasted so many precious years in the dark,
But now I can’t thank you enough for igniting in me a magical spark.

Ever since the day I began to follow your trail,
I have been able to gradually remove the veil
That had until now blurred my vision and blinded me
And blocked my view of the path to enlightenment which I can now see.

I know I can never pay you back on my part
For the struggles you are taking to lift me out of the dirt,
And guiding me onto the spiritual path
That could lead me to the world where I can have a better rebirth.

Thank you, Lama, for holding me by my hands and guiding me to freedom
With the light of your unconditional love and spiritual wisdom;
Blest by your love and compassion I am trying to come out clean
And like a star in the cloudless night I hope to acquire that magical sheen.

There was a time when disability was considered a barrier to practicing Dharma
And the blame was left on one’s own past karma;
But believing that my disability should not tear me apart,
You came forward to rescue me with all your heart.

I shall forever remain indebted to you, my dear Lord
For all the sacrifices you have made to brighten my world;
You have given me the strength to pave for myself a new way
And special reasons to live a new life every single day.

May you always be blest with good health and eternal bliss
And live forever amongst us to liberate us all from this samsaric abyss;
May your teachings and wisdom always keep echoing across the mountains and valleys
And blest this entire universe with eternal peace!

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