Sunday, November 18, 2018

The academic year for my eldest son ends with a tea party

Photo of me with my eldest son Thukten Subba and his teachers

With the closing of academic sessions for this year, my eldest son, Thukten Subba and his classmates at Changangkha Middle Secondary School had hosted a tea party day before yesterday to celebrate their friendship as well as to thank their teachers and parents for their continued support and guidance. I was one of the four parents present at the party to share the happiness of our children. When I and my friend reached the venue at 12:30 pm, the atmosphere outside Class 6B was already charged with excitement. As children ran in and out of the classroom, fetching extra desks and chairs, I and my friend waited outside, surveying the whole environment that was brimming with life. It was really amazing to see young souls in action. Even my son who is otherwise reserved and quiet, was actively engaged in making the arrangement. As soon as he saw me, he came to me and respectfully asked me to go inside the classroom and take a seat. But I told him that I would wait outside until they are done with the preparation.

Soon, everything was in good shape and we were ready for the actual celebration. The classroom was decorated with colorful balloons that created a festive environment. I and my friend sat with the teachers and other two parents at one corner of the table. The noisy croud gradually dropped to silence as the class-teacher, Ms. Rinzin Lhamo formally welcomed us to the party. She said that the entire event was planned and organized by students themselves. She had only given them the idea. Looking at how the preparation was done, we could not deny the fact that children had done an excellent job. It was a perfect example of a strong team work. All the students had equally contributed to the party and hence, they had taken full ownership of it. They had even prepared a speech to express their gratitude to their teachers and parents for their unwavering love and support. They said that they are thankful for the sacrifices their parents and teachers have made everyday in helping them become who they are today.

Group photo of students and teachers in the classroom

Finally, the food items brought by different students were displayed on the table and as the students came around to serve us, the tantalizing fragrance filled the air. As we enjoyed the food that had come from different homes, I could feel the special connection that our children share with their teachers. The students had organized this party for their teachers as a gesture of appreciation and respect from their side. For parents too, it was a special moment because we hardly get such opportunities to interact with children and their teachers. Although we could catch up with only three teachers, I really enjoyed the interaction.

It is true that providing such platforms for children to take initiatives boosts their self-confidence and fosters a sense of independence. We could see children equally sharing responsibilities and sincerely taking part in the event. We need to have more of such initiatives at school as well as at home to empower our children so that they can get the opportunity to learn how to make important decisions for themselves and others. More importantly, the children get the opportunity to learn the value of respecting and appreciating those who have made a difference in their lives. I have realized that such initiatives can be part of value education that contributes to the wholistic development of a child.

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