Friday, September 21, 2018

I have always been a lover of peace and will be so forever

Having never indulged in violence in my life, I would like to believe that I have been a peaceful person since my early childhood. My family-members and close friends might have seen me sad or desolate, but I think they have not seen me aggressive and violent so far. I don’t know whether I should call it my weakness or strength, but I have realized that I have not learned to be assertive and aggressive in my entire life. Many people who have crossed paths with me have even taken me for a ride, but I have always chosen to remain quiet and positive. I know that any retaliation would indeed do more harm than good. I am a kind of person who loves to live in harmony with everybody in the society but I have realized that things do not always happen as we wish.

There are some people in my social circle who never seem to be able to appreciate what I do for them. No matter how much I try my best to reach out to them, they always have something to complain about me. But as I have said, I always take it positively and I don’t mind being grumbled at for what I have not done intentionally or deliberately. In fact, I have learned from Buddhist astrology that those of us who are born in the Monkey Year are destined to meet such a fate. This means that getting criticisms from people in return for favors I have done for them is part of my life and I make peace with it.

My wife is another beautiful soul who never wants to confront those who challenge her. I feel blest to have met such a peace-loving soulmate in my life. She has the heart to keep her temper to herself even when she hears people talking bad about her. We share the same philosophy: the ability to forgive those who put you down is one of the most important qualities of a true human being and together, we are trying our best to practice what we know to sustain peace with everybody in the community. Although it is often difficult for us to maintain the same spirit, we have so far never challenged even those who have humiliated us in the face. No matter from which angle people view us, we are always trying our best to love and respect everybody around us regardless of their attitudinal differences. I don’t know how realistic it would be, but we do not wish to create even one enemy in the world before we die. We don’t want to be jeered at by people as we walk by or silently cursed from behind when they see us. We wish to live in peace with everybody around us. No matter what, violence and aggression can never be a solution to building peace. As we observe the International Day of Peace today, I would like to wish all the beautiful souls around the world a very peaceful life ahead. Let us work towards creating a more peaceful world for everybody to live in.

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