Tuesday, March 20, 2018

How unhealthy relationships can ruin your life at such a tender age

Choden was an innocent girl who had the entire world at her feet. She was strikingly beautiful with eyes and hips that could easily melt the heart of boys who came her way. It was just a couple of weeks since she had arrived at the college when she first bumped into Tashi, a senior male student of the college whose looks and smiles instinctively weakened her knees. She found Tashi very gentle and kind when he spoke but since she was already running late to her class, she could not talk to him nicely. However during the fresher’s night, their paths crossed once again. This time, they got to introduce themselves to each other and talk about various subjects of interest. Thereafter, they continued to catch up whenever they got free time and they became close friends as days passed by. Soon they realized they were in love with each other and started dating. Their relationship grew stronger every day as they continued to discover special meaning in each other’s love.

One day, Choden became worried when her friend told her that she had got fatter. She knew that she was lately having a vomiting spree but she tried to console herself that the vomiting and morning sickness could be due to the seasonal flu or stress. But her missing menstrual period could not be justified. “No, I could not be pregnant!” she said to herself. After a number of pregnancy tests outside the college, her biggest fear was confirmed. Indeed, she was pregnant. She was only 19 and she had her entire life ahead of her. She didn’t know what to do next. She was completely lost. She couldn’t tell her parents because she knew that they wouldn’t accept it. She had to go to Tashi to tell him what she had found out. But on telling him the news, she saw him fly into a rage she had never seen in her life. He became so hysterical that he started calling her by all sorts of names. Before she could figure out what was going on, she found herself uncontrollably shedding the tears of hurt and betrayal. Finally, Tashi pulled her closer and ran his hands gently through her hair until she calmed down. Then in the sweetest voice ever, he suggested that she could have the abortion. Choden instantly pulled herself away and protested that she would not abort her baby, but when Tashi questioned her how would she justify her situation to her parents and college authority, she knew she had no choice.

Tashi had made all the arrangements for abortion at a local clinic in the Indian border town of Jaigaon. On the day of the abortion, Choden shivered as she walked with her boyfriend to the clinic, but Tashi kept comforting her that everything would be alright and that he was proud that she made such a brave decision. When they reached the so-called clinic which was based in a small, dingy room, Choden was made to lie down on a small bed. As she lay there trying to dissociate herself from what was about to happen, a young man told her “Well, I can’t perform this procedure with your cloths on”. As she started pulling off her cloths, a great sense of guilt overwhelmed her. “First, I had pulled my cloths off for pleasure and now I am pulling them off to get rid of the stigma that same pleasure has brought. What a shame!” she murmured as the so-called doctor began to do his job. All sorts of emotions raced through her spine as she kept thinking about the lady she had become and the hypocrite she had transformed into. She could only feel instruments going in and out of her body and she led out a heavy sigh wishing if she could get over it soon. Then suddenly, a wave of sharp pain ran through her body and she screamed. But the doctor asked her to keep quiet and she had to bite her lips to bear the pain that came in quick successions. She knew that something was wrong but she was too weak to either move or talk. Soon she heard the doctor and Tashi talking to each other that she was bleeding profusely. For Choden, the pain had become so unbearable that she began to feel weaker and weaker every second. With the last strength in her, she sought forgiveness from God for the sins she committed and drifted into a world where the pain seemed more bearable and the voices appeared more distant.

The main point I am driving home through this story is that our body is a temple and that we should worship it with great love and respect. We should not devalue it by indulging in immoral activities. We should refrain from unsafe sex until the time is right. It would always be better to play it safe than to face the cruel fate later. Let us hate what our society hates and try to become a good and responsible human being.


  1. Wow man, moved to tears. It was indeed a great piece. I agree with you.

  2. Touched and.... a kind reminder me and all!....Keep inspiring sir!

  3. Thank you so much for the comment. Keep following and keep encouraging me...