Saturday, April 8, 2017

Who is rich?

A poor woman works at a construction site. Under the shade of a small umbrella nearby, her little baby keeps crying. She excuses herself from work from time to time to breastfeed him but it’s not enough to quench his hunger and thirst. During the lunch break, she walks into the nearby hotel and requests the owner if she could have a glass of milk for her baby but the owner tells her that she has to pay if she wants the milk. She does not have any money. So with a blush on her face, she comes back to work. The baby is still crying hard but there’s nothing she can do to help him.

In the evening when the labourers disperse, she quietly walks to her supervisor and requests if she could borrow some money as an advance from her wage. The supervisor gives her Nu.200 and she walks home with her baby on her back. Not being able to please her crying baby, she stops at a roadside hut to see if she can get some milk for him. An old farmer greets her at the door. She requests the man if she could buy a glass of milk for her baby. She tells him how hungry her baby has been for the whole day. The man nods and goes inside. After a while, he comes back with a glass of warm cow-milk. He watches with a smile as the baby gleefully sips the milk. After he finishes the milk, he asks the baby if he needs another glass. The baby smiles for the first time. “Wait, baby!” he says and goes back to get another glass of milk. The baby takes it with a sense of gratitude and relief. The baby completely stops crying. Now he is smiling. The woman asks him how much she should pay him. The farmer says he does not want any money. He says he is happy that he is able to help the little baby. The woman is speechless with the deepest sense of gratitude. She thanks him and leaves. But as she is walking home, he calls out “Hello!” from behind and waves at her to stop for a while. The man comes to her with a bottle of milk and asks her to take it in case the baby cries again on the way. He even invites her to drop by if she needs any help in the future.

This story demonstrates that if you have a good heart, you don’t have to be always rich to help people. It is better to be a kind-hearted pauper than a stingy millionaire. The ability to share what you have is an innate human value because that is what ultimately gives you the greatest satisfaction and happiness in your life. If you know how to share and care, you are a true human being.


  1. So nice story...
    Enrich us wth good articles that help us...

  2. Thanks for the comment. I'm glad you enjoyed the story. Keep reading and keep motivating me to write.

  3. You don't have to be rich to give. He is poor who hoards millions but does not have the richness of heart to give a bottle of milk to a child that faces death.