Saturday, April 15, 2017

How to deal with problems positively

Problems are part of our life. They teach us lessons and make us a strong person every time we stumble upon them. If we did not have any problem in life, I don’t think the human civilization could have evolved into such a glory today. When you find yourself entangled in problems, it is not the end of everything. A problem is just a bend in the life’s journey and you can easily maneuver around it if you know how and when to turn. When we don’t find a way out of the situation we are in, we feel we are the most miserable people in this entire world. But if we all are to take out our troubles and keep them on the table to be exchanged with that of others, I am sure that after a brief silence, everybody would choose to take back his or her own troubles. We would be able to appreciate what we have only when we compare ourselves with those who are more miserable than us. In fact, we all have adequate resources within us that can help us maneuver out of any difficult situation, but the problem is that we don’t easily recognize those assets in us. Life is beautiful only if you know how to decorate it with the colors you have in your heart. If you can see both sides of a coin, you can definitely find your way out when you get stuck. But if you focus only on one side of the coin, you cannot have a bird’s eye-view of the situation around you.

It is always important to remain optimistic in life. If you start a new day with a positive mind, people say that you would be able to achieve everything you want to achieve. When problems tend to freeze us, we should be able to shake them off and step on top of them. A farmer once finds his donkey trapped deep inside a crevice and after several desperate attempts to rescue the creature, he decides to bury him alive. But every time he dumps a heap of earth into the hole, the donkey shakes it off and steps on it. The farmer throws more earth and the donkey keeps on shaking it off and stepping on the top. Soon, the donkey walks free. So like the donkey, we should be able to shake off any problem that comes our way and clear our path to success.

One thing we should always remember is that fortune is fickle. This time we might be in problems, but the other time, we find somebody else in the similar situation. Nothing is permanent. When you face problems, sometimes you should just hold on and relax. The time automatically turns the table around and you would find yourself on the brighter side. When the river floods, the fish eat the ants and when the flood recedes, the ants eat the fish. It’s only a matter of time. Everybody gets the equal opportunity. We should never stop pursuing our dreams no matter what kind of problems fall on our path. Sitting down and crying won’t get us anywhere. We should always focus on our inner strengths and try to use them effectively to jump out of the situation. For instance, when it heavily rains, sitting down and praing for the rain to stop won’t be helpful. You should focus on how to make your umbrella strong enough to withstand the heavy downpour. If you stay positive all the time, you can definitely create a promising future for yourself and your family. No evil can ever pull you aside if you know how to appreciate what you have and use them to lift your spirits up every day. If you just believe in your own values and strengths, you can easily master techniques to deal with all types of problems and challenges. So always be positive and stay blest!

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