Sunday, March 12, 2017

The first income from blogging

When I started my blog three years ago, I had never expected that so many people would be interested in my writing. Although I am still far from becoming a professional blogger, it is amazing to see some of my articles often appearing in the private newspapers in Bhutan. When I write articles, I never dream of earning money from blogging. I take it as a platform to either document my personal experiences for my own future references, or to shed some light on certain socio-economic and cultural issues. But when some journalists send me private messages requesting for my permission to publish some of my stories in their paper, it makes me feel great. As long as they feel my articles are worth publishing in their paper, I have expressed no objection to their requests until now.

A couple of months ago, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a phone call from Business Bhutan saying they wanted to publish some of my blog articles in their paper and that they would pay me for that. Blogging is something I always do with passion and when people tell you that they want to pay you for it, the excitement naturally crosses its boundaries. But I was also guilty because I felt I didn’t deserve to be paid for my seemingly unprofessional and amateur writing. So with a mixed feeling of excitement and guilt, I accepted the deal. And yesterday, the first ever income from my blog entered my bank account. I received Nu.1,900 after deducting TDS for a couple of articles from my blog that got published in Business Bhutan.

As an amateur blogger, the incentive was a great source of motivation for me to take up blogging seriously. We the bloggers need such an encouragement and support to keep our passion alive forever. Regular maintenance of a blog is a tedious job. Unless you are truly passionate about it, you won’t be able to engage your readers actively. A blog is an important part of social media which provides an ideal platform for people to share vital information. The recent developments around the world have shown that bloggers have the potential to influence the decisions of the authorities and bring the desired changes in the society. In a world where freedom of expression is encouraged, blogs provide the right space for people to voice their concerns and help the community change for the better. So I feel the bloggers in Bhutan need to be recognized and acknowledged for their work so that they would be able to play an important part in the nation-building process.

I would like to thank Business Bhutan for appreciating my work as a blogger. Although I don’t think I deserved the incentive, I feel truly honoured to be rewarded for what I always love to do. I shall continue to work hard to update my blog regularly and keep enlightening my readers on different subjects at least from my own personal perspective. To my fellow-bloggers, I would like to request you never to stop blogging. With our blended voices, we can definitely make a difference in the world. As Passu had once told me, we would be always making some impact silently somewhere through our blog. So we should never stop blogging, no matter what difficult circumstances bother us. Happy blogging and happy reading!


  1. Wow.... very happy to hear la. Inspired to read your post and keep writing. We are there to support you, through likes and comments la.

  2. Glad to learn that blogging paid you off sometimes. Cos I couldn't read any BB issues, I was looking for the links to the articles thate were published but couldn't get them though I follow the bloggers kn my list.
    Keep writing any way.

  3. Thank u. It does pay off sometimes. So keep blogging la

  4. Hi sir,

    Very proud of you and congratulations that at least some section of us has recognized how profound your write-ups usually are.

    Yes, as you say, there is the need of some form of recognition for the bloggers to motivate them to continue blogging because writing habit is quite poor among the Bhutanese.

    To not to kill the few active writers and bloggers, there certainly need to have some recognition, not necessarily in the form of cash, but something like, yes, publishing it into some well-going press and all. and These are the two blogs i am running,