Thursday, March 30, 2017

How women help men define their way of life: a short family drama

Many people say that the nature of a man is often defined by the attitude and behavior of his wife at home. Although this theory is often debatable, some women might agree that the happiness and wellbeing of the family depends significantly on how they behave with their husbands. Women are the main source of comfort and warmth in the family. Their attitude and behavior can certainly influence the way their husbands behave at home. The following two scenarios will demonstrate how men can define their way of life according to how their wives behave with them.

In House 1, the wife gets up early in the morning and walks into the kitchen to prepare breakfast for the family. When her husband wakes up, she greets him with a hot cup of tea. After her husband finishes his share of the morning chores, she serves him breakfast. Soon the husband is ready to go to work. She comes out of the bedroom to see him off. “Have a good day!” he says as he walks down to the parking lot with the laptop bag in his hand. “Okay dear, see you in the evening. Please come back on time for dinner” she says in response, with a big smile on her face. “Don’t worry, I will be back on time!” he assures her as he opens the car-door and gently places his laptop bag on the passenger-seat in the front. He takes out a piece of cloth from the dashboard and wipes his car before igniting the engine. He rolls down his window and bids goodbye to his wife as he slowly pulls out of the parking lot. As he drives away, he plays a romantic song on the stereo. He is in his best mood for the day. On the way, he sees so many beautiful young girls but he always thinks his wife is the most beautiful woman in the world. In the evening, he returns home with the same smile his wife had seen on his face in the morning. His wife rushes to prepare tea for him and as he sips his tea, they talk about the day’s events at length. Both husband and wife feel they are made for each other.

In House 2, the husband wakes up at 7 o’clock in the morning and clumsily walks into the kitchen. He sees the kitchen-sink full of unwashed dishes from the previous night and the kitchen looks utterly disorganized. One by one, he puts the things in place and does the dishes. He then prepares breakfast. He goes to the bedroom to wake his wife up but she rolls over to the other side and goes back to sleep. He takes his breakfast alone, does the dishes and prepares to go to work. With a laptop bag in one hand and the car key on the other, he once again walks back to the bedroom to tell his wife that he is going and that she needs to latch the door. “Get lost right away. Make sure you get back on time in the evening. Otherwise, you might have to sleep on the doorstep!” she yells at him grumpily. The husband furiously walks out of the house and flings open the car’s door. He dumps his laptop onto the rear-seat. He has no time to check if the car needs any cleaning. He jumps into the driver’s seat, aggressively pulls his seat-belt and buckles it into the wrong slot. He starts the engine and speeds away. He plays a very sentimental track on the stereo and the sadness hangs over his head. On the way, a young girl flags him down for a lift. He smiles and welcomes her in. He tells her that she looks familiar to him and makes her wonder where they could have met before. He keeps telling her how beautiful she looks and engages her in a very romantic conversation. Soon they become good friends and exchange their contact numbers. The girl reaches her destination and gratefully walks away as the man wishes her the best of luck for the rest of the day. They continue to talk over the phone and chat on Facebook and WeChat. Soon they agree to meet in the town in the evening. They catch up at a local restaurant, have dinner together and have a lot of fun talking about various subjects of interest. The man does not feel like going home. He no longer wants to see the grumpy face of his wife. Eventually, both the man and his wife feel frustrated with each other and decide to divorce. The man marries his new girl-friend and starts a new life.

The comparative study of the above two vignettes shows that women can definitely make a huge difference in the lives of their husbands. Of course, it could also happen the other way round if we look at it from the women’s perspective. No matter what, all men and women have equal share of responsibilities in the family to sustain a happy relationship. Both husband and wife should respect each other’s boundaries and build a trusting relationship based on unconditional love and mutual understanding. I would like to wish every couple a happy married life!

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