Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Remembering the friends of persons with disabilities on the specialFriendship Week

Photo of a young man walking with his visually impaired friend on a forest path using the sighted guide techniques. Image courtesy: Google

With every single help you offer us
Comes a blessing that brings a smile on our face;
Thank you for being part of our lives
And helping us understand how beautiful is the world around us.

Thank you for being always by our side
Understanding and sharing our concerns,
And no matter what circumstances prevail,
You have never let us fall down alone.

Thank you for breaking your boundaries with us
And stretching out your helping hand
To guide us to the places we want to go
Without being ashamed of our disability.

Thank you for freely walking with us
In the public places and shopping malls
Instead of making us wait at a corner somewhere
And getting the things for us.

Thank you for listening to our concerns
And respecting our views;
We want more friends like you
Who have the heart to understand our needs.

We don’t want sympathy
We only want empathy
For, that’s what gives us the opportunity to rise
And get where you are.

Thank you for patiently standing beside us
And letting us do what we want to do
Instead of snatching away tasks from our hands and doing them for us
For, we often need more time than the actual help.

Thank you for cheering us up
When we walk the path we had never walked before
And thank you for comforting us
When we bump into obstacles.

Thank you for making us understand
That disability is not the end of everything;
Thank you for sacrificing a part of your life for us everyday,
We can see the beauty of this world through you.

Thank you for believing in our abilities
And making us feel special;
We feel fortunate to have our paths crossed with yours in life
For, this world would have never been a better place for us without you.

On this special Friendship Week
We the persons with disabilities would like to remember you
And thank you for everything you have given us
To make us feel one with you.

May God continue to bless you
For doing his work here on Earth;
The lovely memories you have given us
Shall travel with us even to our graves.

A happy Friendship Week to all those who have been part of our lives including our own spouses!


  1. You have just written a lovely and touching poem from your hearts. I am glad to have found a friend in you. Hope that we can meet up someday, somewhere.........

  2. Thank u xo much. M also glad to get to know u through our blogs.