Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Five inspirational stories that might help you start your day with a positive mind

Life becomes so dull at times that we often need external inspiration and motivation to push it forward. I believe that positive energy is something that can be transferred from one person to another but we should know exactly how to tap it. Whenever we feel low and desperate, all we need is someone who can give extra thrust to our life through their experiences and stories. The real beauty of life lies deep within the layers of problems that engulf us and to get to the core to conquer this precious jewel, we often need some external forces to push us from behind. At the end of the day, a positive mind is what matters the most. The following five inspirational stories may help you change the way you look at life.

Strong determination and hard work can help you survive the ordeal

In a small hut of a farmer, two rats accidentally slipped off into a pot of milk. The pot was so deep that there was no way they could jump out of it. They tried to swim up to the brim but with every attempt they made, their energy level began to drop. After several minutes of desperate attempts, the female rat ran out of energy and gave up. She drowned and died. The male rat was still not prepared to give up. He kept swimming despite being terribly exhausted. Finally, he saw that a lump of butter had formed on the surface of the milk. With great excitement, he jumped onto the butter and escaped from the pot.

We all need little sharks in our life to activate us

The Japanese customers complained that the fish available in the market was not as tasty as it should be. The fishing companies knew that the fishes were stored for days during the fishing trips across the sea and this could have caused the loss of original taste in the fish. So the fishing companies decided to catch the fishes alive and store them in the tanks attached to the fishing boats throughout the fishing trips. All the fishes were brought ashore alive and the customers were satisfied with the taste for sometime. But soon they again noticed that the fishes that were stored alive in the tanks for several days lacked physical movement and this laziness made the fish less tasty than the active ones. They again complained and the fishing companies adopted a little more aggressive strategy this time. During the fishing trips, they decided to put a little shark inside the tanks along with the fishes. They didn’t care how many fishes the little shark could have eaten, but all those survived it came ashore very active and alert. This was the permanent solution to the problem.

A strong sense of competition is what you need to succeed in life

Two Zen Buddhist monks were walking through a dense forest when a tiger suddenly emerged from the bushes and started chasing them. One of the monks removed his shoes and ran. The other monk asked him “Do you think you can run faster than the tiger barefoot?” “It does not matter as long as I can run faster than you” he replied.

A negative attitude vs. positive attitude

A British shoe factory once sent two sales representatives to Africa to explore the market for its products. One representative reported “We don’t have any marketing scope here, because nobody wears shoes”. The other representative reported from the same location “We have a lot of scope here, because nobody wears shoes”.

Hard work is important, but knowing where to focus your energy is more important

A giant ship had broken down and no engineers were able to fix it. Finally, an ordinary mechanic was called to see if he could fix the problem. He went around the ship inspecting its engine and after a few minutes, he took out a small hammer from his toolbox and lightly tapped somewhere on the engine. To everybody’s amazement, the engine roared back to life. The problem was fixed. But the company was shocked the next day when it received the bill for 10,000 USD. The company managers knew that the entire work did not take even 15 minutes and thought that they were overcharged for the job. So they sent back the bill asking the mechanic to provide the itemized expenditures to justify the amount he was charging them. The new bill sent by the mechanic had the following details:

Sl.No.ParticularsExpenditure (in USD)
1.Tapping with the hammer$2.00
2.Knowing where to tap the hammer$9,998.00


  1. The last one is really effective way for success

  2. W O W wow wow wow, you have done a great job la. It was a well written piece with examples la.

  3. I love what you have shared esp about the drowning rats in the milk and Negative Vs Positive Attitude. That's because I have the same thoughts aligned to them.