Saturday, July 2, 2016

The dumbest criminals I have ever heard of

We the Bhutanese people generally believe in our Karmic actions. We have been taught right from early childhood that what goes around usually comes around. That’s why we have been taught never to harm or hurt anybody, because the consequence of our action is believed to fall back on ourselves someday. I think this could be the main reason why the criminals are usually caught easily. We have a popular saying “Le gi ra mi tub” meaning “nobody can escape his/her fate”. Probably because of this principle, Bhutan has seen some of the dumbest criminals over the years as demonstrated in the stories below.

The senseless murder of a family in Phuntsholing

I think its more than 10 years now since this story has taken place. Mr. Cheku and his family were settling down for the night when one of his colleagues came to visit him. After some heated arguments over some unresolved issues, the colleague stabbed and hacked Mr. Cheku and his wife to death. Their two children who had already asleep were woken up by the chaos and when they came out of their room to see what was happening, they too were stabbed to death. The murderer then hid the weapons in the stack of firewood outside the house of the deceased and went to report the case to police as a different person. He had told police that he found his friend brutally murdered with his wife and children at home and that he had met a group of men armed with axe and knife on the way. But when the police looked at him carefully, they found bloodstains on his sleepers. He was immediately booked for interrogation and soon convicted.

Murder at Jiti river in Sibsoo

A black day in late 1970s in my wife’s village. A man hacked to death his own cousin brother following a heated argument over something. The two brothers were believed to be working elsewhere. On their way back home, they got into an argument probably over financial matters and wielding a sword, the younger brother lunged forward to attack his elder brother. The elder brother then ran for his life. After running for sometime, the elder brother finally reached Jiti River on the Indo-Bhutan border at Sibsoo. With his younger brother not in sight, he decided to drink some water from the river as he was breathless, tired and thirsty. But as he was drinking water, his younger brother approached him from behind and severed his head with a single blow to his neck. The accused then dumped the body and the weapon into the river and gave some money to the guard on the bridge requesting him not to reveal the matter to anybody. The guard who was the only witness to the crime soon reported the case to police and the manhunt as launched immediately. It did not take too long for the police to nab the murderer as he was seen by people carrying only the sheath of the sword around his waist. He had thrown only the sword into the river. He never knew that the sheath was still hanging from his waistband. He as arrested from his neighbor’s house that same night by police. He later pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Theft case at National Institute for the Disabled in Khaling

It was a rainy night in May 2001. A teacher of the National Institute for the Disabled in Khaling was woken up by the sound of some crashing glasses but he could not come out for fear of getting attacked by the miscreants. Next day, it was discovered that somebody had broken into the principal’s office and stolen some cash from the safe. The police were called at the scene to investigate the case. It was found that a small window glass at the back of the office was broken most probably in an attempt to show that the miscreant had entered from behind. But sadly, the window was right behind a cupboard which was not moved aside. There was no way anybody could enter the room through that window as it was blocked by the cupboard. Moreover, some footprints were noticed in front of the main door as it had rained that night. Eventually, the peon of the Institute who had the office key was charged with theft and taken for interrogation. He soon pleaded guilty and was terminated from service.

The above stories demonstrate that God is always watching us and we can never deceive him. A crime can never be hidden forever. The justice will always prevail no matter how we try to run away from the crimes we have committed. So let us be always conscious of our thoughts and actions and stay away from everything that harms or hurts others. Let us always abide by Tha-damtshi and Ley-jungdrey, the principles of honesty and Karmic cycle.

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