Friday, May 27, 2016

The monster lurking in the shadows of mankind

It is very sad that animals can’t speak our language and many of us do not have the heart to feel their emotions. Although they can’t express pain and suffering as we kill them, there is no doubt that they too love themselves like we do and have the right to live like us. In fact, I believe we all have a soft corner within our heart that naturally responds to any pain or suffering we see around us, but our worldly desires and greed often overshadow this sensitive part of us and turn us into monsters. I have realized that there are some people who exist like robots and can afford to do anything without even the slightest sense of guilt.

When I was studying in class 12 in Khaling, I once suffered from constant abdominal pain and I was referred to Mongar Regional Hospital by Khaling Basic Health Unit. So the principal of Muenselling Institute had arranged a lift for me in the Mahindra Bolero belonging to the Regional Veterinary Lab based in Khaling which was going to Mongar to reach one of its staff. Along with me went a teacher and the peon of the Institute. The driver was a short, active and seemingly hot-tempered Sharchhop guy. He was popular for his aggressive behavior and stubborn nature. Nevertheless, we had a smooth ride to Mongar and when we reached the hospital, I went through a series of medical checkups and the doctor finally detected a stone in my gall-bladder. I was prescribed some medicines and we started our journey back to Khaling the next day.

By the time we were nearing Khaling, it was already dark. I was seated at the rear cabin of the car and since there were only two of us at the back, we had adequate space to stretch our legs and relax. Then the car suddenly stopped at a place called Gomchhu, about five kilometers away from Khaling and I heard the driver asking the peon who was seated beside him to get out and catch the deer that was spotted on the roadside. When the peon refused to do so, the driver started to adjust the position of the car so as to run over the deer and kill it but as he was doing that, I became worried because I had earlier heard how some cars had veered off the road while attempting to crush the roadside animals. The driver eventually managed to focus the headlights right into the eyes of the deer and probably shocked and confused, the poor animal jumped right into the center of the road and the driver got the opportunity he had been eagerly waiting for. I requested the driver not to do it but my words did not seem to carry any value for him. I had no option but to pray as he sped the car and ran over the poor creature. The car soon came to a stop and wheeled backwards to where the poor deer was writhing with pain on the middle of the road. I could notice a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment in the words and expressions of the driver and the peon as though they had won a trophy. We all got out of the car and as they waited for the poor creature to die, I could literarily hear the poor animal throwing its legs violently on the road as it struggled with extreme pain. I was a vegetarian then but being in the car when it ran over the creature made me feel guilty of contributing to its painful death. . Soon the deer stopped moving and the driver and the peon loaded it at the back of the car where I was seated. We knew it was a female deer as it did not have horns and had teats. As we continued our journey towards Khaling, many questions flooded my mind. I wondered if it was pregnant or if she had babies waiting for her somewhere. So many random thoughts crossed my mind and more I thought of the creature, the more emotional and guilty I became. It was one of the most unpleasant experiences I have ever had in my life. The deer was off-loaded at the driver’s house and they were to divide the meat amongst three of them the next day. I later learned that the deer was pregnant and that made me even more sad. I can’t believe how mankind can be so cruel and brutal despite all the blessings we have got as the most civilized and peace-loving creatures on this planet.


  1. What a sad story. It is true that many humans are heartless and cruel in this world. This bad karma cycles would never seem to end. Next life, this deer would kill the driver back too!
    I wish that everyone is vegetarian in this earth. That would be nice.

  2. I fully agree with u. It's hard to believe how man can cause so much pain and suffering to others in this world. People do not seem to even mind killing people in the name of religion or politics, forget about feeling for the poor animals that are being slaughtered everyday for food.... Thank you for the comment as always.