Monday, May 2, 2016

Remembering my teachers on Teachers' Day

Happy Teachers' Day. Poster courtesy: Google

If the future of a nation is decided inside a classroom, we all know who are the extraordinary souls behind this entire process of creating a better world for all of us to live in. Today is the special day for us to honor and salute our selfless teachers for their immense contributions to the society by making us what we are today. Many teachers who have taught me have gone beyond their prescribed role to equip me with even those skills and knowledge outside the textbooks. I have realized that anybody can explain what is written in a book but teachers often have to walk extra miles to nurture us and guide us onto the right path. So on this auspicious occasion, I would like to remember from the core of my heart all the teachers who have really made a difference in my life.

When I was studying in Khaling, I had my teachers who were genuinely concerned about my future and never got tired of advising me whenever they found me vulnerable to negative influences. I still clearly remember the precious words of Madam Kumari Gurung who constantly reminded me that having come from a humble family background, I could not afford to do whatever my other friends did and that I should always focus on my studies. She was absolutely right. I had only a physically challenged father to call a family and if I couldn’t succeed academically, I had no alternative future. Although she literarily taught me from class PP to class 6, she continued to mentor me until I left Khaling. Even when I was preparing for my class 10 board exams (ICSC) during the winter of 1998, she once saw me chatting with a group of village girls who used to visit us almost everyday and called me aside to remind me what I was supposed to do and why I should not waste my time mingling with girls. She warned me the girls might distract me too much and that I might lose my focus on studies. I genuinely felt her concern for me and promised to concentrate on my studies all the time. Those priceless words still linger in my head afresh and I value them even to this day.

Sir Shriman Gurung was another extraordinary soul who never got tired of interacting with us and providing us with valuable advice whenever we needed it. He was a real embodiment of love, compassion and patience. Whenever he was around, we felt very safe and comfortable. We felt very close with him and we were able to share with him whatever we had in mind. Whenever he was free, he would play games with us and chat with us on various subjects of interest that gave us extra knowledge and new ideas. There wasn’t any student who didn’t love him and it was no surprise that he was rated the best teacher by his students during an internal survey conducted by Muenselling Institute a couple of years ago to recognize the most dedicated and committed teacher.

Sir Kishor was another teacher who groomed me like his own child. He took good care of me right from my first year in school as my father suffered a brain stroke and partially lost his ability to walk. So he not only taught me as a tutor, but he also gave me extra strengths to interact with the outside world better. He was the main person I could take refuge in whenever I went through difficult times both in terms of financial and personal problems. In fact, it was he who first taught me discipline such as how to respect elders, how to talk or behave in the public and many other important aspects of social life. I learned many lessons from him which still play an important role in my daily life today.

Likewise, I have many teachers who have played a significant part in shaping my life the way it is today. I am sorry I could not mention all the names. But I have a special place in my heart for all my teachers who have guided me throughout my academic journey. So to all my teachers, I would like to offer my special thanks and gratitude for giving me more than what you were paid to give and making me who I am today. Had it not been for your generous guidance, I would not have managed to even write this article. Wish you a very Happy Teachers’ Day 2016! May God continue to bless you as you continue to enlighten the lives of your students. You are the true heroes and heroines of this great nation.


  1. I am so touched and moved to read about all the genuine kindness and concern your teachers have shown towards you. I am sure you managed to overcome all the obstacles with their advices. Your dad must have been proud of your success today.

  2. Thank u so much as always for your encouragements. Yes, my late father would have been truly proud to see me what I am today had he lived long.... But unfortunately he passed away in 2005.