Sunday, April 10, 2016

If you love yourself, you will never kill yourself

One thing we should always remember is that life is not a bed of roses for everybody. We all have our own share of problems and challenges to deal with. Even His Majesty the King does not live in absolute peace. He too has his own share of problems because as citizens, we bother him constantly. In fact he worries about us and our country every day. So nobody in this world is immune to pain and suffering. But when we see thorns popping out on our way, trying to end the journey then and there is never a good option. If we look around, there are many alternative routes we can take even if we can’t afford to wear shoes and walk over the thorns. If you love yourself, you will never desert your body when it gets stuck in miseries.

We all know that we have only one body per lifetime and we must always take good care of it. No matter what circumstances engulf us, we should never stop to love ourselves. If we don’t love ourselves, then nobody else will. It’s very important to be grateful to our body for all the dignity, respect and love we enjoy in the society. It is self-love and self-respect that provide us with extraordinary strength to walk even through the toughest turbulences of life. But if we fail to recognize the value of our own body and the beauty of life it has given us, then we would miss even the easiest opportunity to escape when problems keep piling up right in front of us and block our path.

Sometimes I wish if we had a mirror that could help us see our own inner self so that we would not have to look outside for moral strength and confidence when we need them. Many people fail to see their inner jewels and hence, they conclude that ending their life would end their current problems but the fact is that nobody has ever returned from the grave to testify whether death really ends the misery. When you commit suicide, you are murdering yourself. This means that you are killing yourself because you hate yourself. Your own self becomes your enemy and you blame your own body for all the troubles and miseries you are subjected to. So I firmly believe that if you truly love and trust yourself, you will never think of killing yourself and no matter what kind of problems keep bothering you, you will always have a room to look at life from a different angle rather than blindly jumping at conclusions. So we must always stay positive and love and trust ourselves in order to see the real beauty of life and the world around us. I would like to always believe that every tunnel has light at its other end, and that behind every cloud lies a silver lining. So the problems are just for a moment. Nothing is permanent.


  1. Nicely written Amrit bro, I enjoy reading your post. Do keep writing.

  2. Thank u so much, Bro..... As a counselor, this is my duty. LOL! Anyway, I am glad that u have liked it. Keep coming back again.... Have a great day...

  3. I love myself enough to believe I don't deserve the burden of existence.

    Needing to be happy? Sexual frustration? Possibilities of war? Seeingg loved ones dying? Why should I go through all that?

    I don't care about how it's worth it for others. I find life harmful to me, so it's rational to kill myself.

  4. Hi dear,

    I can really understand your pain. I feel you should really seek counseling or medical attention. Nobody can say for sure that death ends all the suffering. Who knows there might be more pain and suffering after that. So you have the best chances to change the way you see the world and the way the world looks at you today. Please take care of yourself and always keep all those who love you and those whom you love close to your heart. The world definitely doesn't want to lose such a precious soul like you in such a manner. I don't know where you are from but I honestly would like to advise you to go to a counselor or a psychiatrist for professional help. You certainly mean a lot at least to your close friends and family-members. Please talk to them and let them hear your concerns. God bless you forever.

  5. Our life is just a journey on earth and we can shape our paths in the way we wish to partake. Obstacles will definitely come and go daily, just like the daylight and dark nights. Sometimes the sadness is longer just like the bigger waves and tides of the ocean. Nothing is permanent in this life. We need more understanding counselors like you to help and keep them firmly on the grounds. We must always give them some hope in order to look forward for a better tomorrow. My blog's topic is now sharing about all the homeless beggars in my city. They made me think a lot about life's karma and to appreciate what I have today. Hop over and read my friend....! Have a very good day Amrith..