Saturday, April 30, 2016

Celebrating the end of my two years of blogging journey

As the month of April draws to a close, it’s time for me to look back and celebrate the end of my two years of blogging journey. I started my blog in April 2014 for which I still owe my friend Riku Dhan Subba special gratitude since it was he who always encouraged and motivated me to start blogging as he thought the world deserved to hear my stories and experiences. So finally I gave it a try in April 2014 and looking back from where I am now, I can clearly feel I have become more visible than I was two years ago. It’s amazing to know that many people have come to know me just through my blog and it makes me humble when people say they read my blog regularly and that they draw a lot of inspiration and motivation from my writing. Today, blogging has become an important part of my life because I can’t afford to leave my blog unattended no matter how busy I am with other assignments. I think what started as a passion has now become a kind of social responsibility for me now because I can feel the pressure if I don’t update my blog for a week or so. I feel that only through active blogging, we can engage the readers and followers of our blog meaningfully and that’s what I have been trying to do over the years.

My blogging journey over the past two years has been truly rewarding and thrilling. This is my 200th article and it’s really amazing how I have managed to create so many small pieces of memories on my blog within a short period of my blogging adventure. But definitely this would not have been possible had it not been for the continued support and motivation my fellow-bloggers and my blog readers provided me. Passu Diary was perhaps the first Bhutanese blog I had stumbled upon and since then, I have got the opportunity to draw a lot of inspiration from many other bloggers naming whom will never be fair as I might miss some. So on this special occasion of the 2nd birth anniversary of my blog, I would like to remember all those bloggers and the followers of my blog and thank them for encouraging me both directly and indirectly to continue my blogging journey.

Like many bloggers, I don’t have a specific theme to blog on. As I often tell my friends, I mostly blog to document my life events and experiences for my own future reference. As the title of my blog implies, it’s just my personal diary where I record whatever I feel is important and worth sharing with others. So basically I blog to remember and to be remembered after I am gone. But I also sometimes write about some serious social concerns whenever I feel they deserve to be heard. Moreover, being the first visually impaired blogger in Bhutan, I also take some responsibility for promoting the rights and needs of persons with disabilities and create a better public understanding about disability issues. This is the main reason why you find me writing about disability issues at times.

My blog has given me a lot over the past two years. Some of my articles have gone beyond my expectation to inspire people. I feel humble when people ask my permission to use my articles for training purposes or even for publication. For instance, one of my articles got published in the magazine of Asia-Pacific Human Rights Information Centre and on its website last year. So I am very grateful to my blog for giving me the opportunity to interact with many people and reach out to a larger audience.

To those who do not yet have a blog, I advise you to start one immediately. Blogging would be the best platform for honing your reading as well as writing skills because as a blogger, you would love to read and write a lot as you move on. To my fellow-bloggers, keep blogging and keep inspiring your readers. We all can make a difference through our blogs because somewhere someone would definitely feel the impact. But here is one important thing we all should remember. Some of my readers have told me how much disappointed they feel when we don’t respond to their comments on our blog. It seems they often come back to the same article they had commented to see if their comments have been acknowledged. Thus, I think it would be more respectful if we could keep this in mind as bloggers. I had also not realized this until I received some honest feedbacks. So once again, thank you all those who have been inspiring and motivating me to continue this beautiful journey across the virtual world.


  1. Dear Amrith Sir, Congratulations on your second year anniversary of blogging. I am so very happy that you are really taking this venture seriously, inspiring thousands of people. Hats off to you la. And thank you for acknowledging me again here. Indeed, I had nudged on you (rather forcefully) in the beginning to start a blog, but it is all you made it happened and blogging here. I am so happy to know you wrote over 200 posts. Amazing! Tashi Delek la!

  2. Hi Riku,

    Thank you so much for your compliments. Yes, u had been the main source of inspiration and motivation for me... I am still your ardent follower and regularly check your blog to see if u have updated it... Please keep writing and keep motivating us...

  3. Congradulations Amrith.It has been a pleasure reading your blog.

  4. Thanks Dawa. Readers like u r the main motivation behind my blog.

  5. A big congratulations to you Mr Amrith for your 2 years of blogging! You are amazing to reach 200 postings when compared to me. I started in year 2008 and have just posted over 400 posts...!! I am so shy now.

    Keep writing and I will pressure you to entertain us by sharing your thoughts.
    Warmest regards to you from Malaysia.

  6. Dear Amrita,
    You have always entertained and shared your experience all these two years... I am certain that you will continue to do so.... Congratulations amrita.... Another blogger mate.... Lobzang

  7. Well, that's my wife's name, Sir haha. Anyway thank u for the comment la

  8. Dear Amrith,
    Firstly congratulation on your 2nd anniversary of blogging. My wife and I always love to read your blogs. We salute to you. Keep going on blogging.

    Thank you.

  9. Thanks Yeshi. Actually it's 3rd anniversary. The Facebook post I had shared was only a memory. I'm so happy to know that you and your wife do follow my blog. Thank you for the support and encouragement