Friday, April 15, 2016

As funny as this: a hunt for a mysterious treasure

I think it was late 1989 or early 1990. My father was attached with a land survey team based at Gepjana village in Paro as a cook. I had already lost my sight by then and I was due to leave for school in a few months’ time. A temporary base for the survey team was set up a few kilometers above Bondey town and we were living in tents.

One night, someone from the team had noticed some shining object far away at the distance towards Chelela and alerted the entire team. There were about four officers and my father in the team. They all got out and watched the object. They saw that it was shining clearly against the shimmering light of the moon. They all wondered if it was a diamond or some kind of hidden treasure as people used to believe during those days. My father even used to say that if we ever find a bulk of black necked cranes’ shits, we must look at it carefully as it might contain diamond or some precious stones the cranes might have swallowed at the sea. He also used to say how sometimes we can be blest with luck to see it in our dreams and we can find it in reality if we go to check it out without informing anybody. I overheard them talking about all those miraculous stuffs as they watched the object almost every night.

Finally, they decided to go to check out what the object was. They all got excited about the mysteriously shining object and thought it could be some kind of blessing from the unknown. One weekend, they all set out to go to the place where the shining object was believed to be lying. They all secretly left towards the sport leaving me all alone in the camp. I was wondering what kind of gem or fortune they would return with. But when they got back in the evening, they didn’t show any excitement. When I asked them if they could get the shining object, they at first told me that they got a sacksful of diamonds but soon they burst into laughter. Finally they said the shining object was actually a piece of windshield glass of a car at the bottom of a cliff that shone against the moonlight at night. The car might have veered off the road into the cliff sometime ago and the pieces of glasses were still left at the crash site. It became the most hilarious joke of the day for the entire team, but they all chose not to share this incident with anybody else. They took almost one whole day to hunt for this mysterious treasure.


  1. That was a funny story indeed. They were too embarrassed to come back empty handed, let alone tell you the actual facts.

  2. Haha, I know. Thank u for the comment.

  3. Haha........
    who knows? there might be another team who may have also hunted for the same treasure having spotted the reflection that your team saw. funny mosh la