Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The four funniest incidents of my life

Without some fun, I feel life would be a serious drama with characters just performing what they are instructed to do. It would certainly be a lonely and monotonous journey. But thanks to Nature for blessing us with the ability to laugh and make others laugh. We often run into some funny episodes that spice up our life. I know we all have some funny experiences in life which, when we look back from now, would easily make us giggle or laugh. Following are the five funniest incidents of my life that might make you laugh as well.

1. When I was studying in Khaling as a small boy, I had a friend nicknamed Bajay. He was also totally blind like me. One night, he insisted that we should sneak out to go to steal cucumber from a teacher’s garden. He promised that he was familiar with the garden and that he knows how to get to the cucumber vine. But we had to be very cautious because the garden was just beside the house of its owner, a teacher of Muenselling Institute where we were studying. So we quietly stole our way to the garden, carefully stretched apart the fence and squeezed inside as slowly and silently as possible. But once inside the garden, we found ourselves in an open space with no sign of cucumber vines. I asked him in a whisper where was the vine he had claimed to have seen before. He whispered back that he had just heard somebody talking about it and he was still confident that the vine could be somewhere within the fences. Then we decided to divide ourselves to follow the fence in opposite direction instead of both of us searching together. We agreed that whoever finds the vine first should whisper and inform the other person. So he went off following the fence while I moved on in the opposite direction following the same fence. We believed that we would find the vine somewhere before we meet when we complete one round. But instead of locating the cucumber vine, we soon collided our heads into each other on the other side of the fence. Since we both were swinging our hands from side to side as we moved, our heads were bent low and we didn’t know that we were on head-on collision the moment we departed in opposite directions. It was the most hilarious moment. Although it was a painful collision and that we had to massage our heads with our own hands, we couldn’t stop laughing no matter what we did to control it. Fearing that we might wake up the owner of the garden, we had to literarily bite our own cloths to control our laughter. Only later we found that the cucumber vine was at the center of the garden and we managed to pluck some tender cucumbers to eat.

2. When I and my late father were living with my aunt and uncle in Samtse, they used to always have late dinners. I and my father used to sleep in the kitchen and we couldn’t even afford to go to sleep because when they came for dinner, they would certainly disturb us. So we had to keep waiting for them as they kept watching TV in the main house. But the dinner would be always ready as they would prepare it before settling down to watch TV. One night, they had prepared pork curry and as usual, they had all gone to the main house to watch some movies on TV. On the oven was a pot of cattle-feed to be given to the milking cow. My aunt called out for me from inside the main house and asked me to get the pot of feed out and let it cool down on the balcony of the kitchen. When I went into the kitchen to get the pot, I quietly opened the lid of the curry pot and picked a piece of pork. I put it into my mouth quickly and lifted the pot of feed but as I walked out with the pot, I stumbled upon something and the pot fell down with a huge thud. My aunt shouted from inside the house enquiring what happened but I couldn’t respond as I still had that piece of pork in my mouth. I tried to chew it fast to clear off my mouth to speak but it wouldn’t break down easily. At last, I had to swallow it solid and by the time I managed to answer my aunt’s call, she had already noticed that I had a piece of pork in my mouth. I couldn’t deny the charge and she scolded me like anything. I started laughing to myself while thinking about it later.

3. When I was in class III, I had a friend called Serpey who was also totally blind like me. One day, I noticed him coming from the academic building towards the kitchen and I immediately jumped across the lawn near the footpath and started uprooting and plucking the grasses with two hands imitating a cow grazing. The Principal had cows and hence, it was not difficult to make him believe that the cow was grazing just beside his path. I noticed that he was hesitant to continue walking. He was afraid that the cow might gore him. Nevertheless, he thought the cow was busy grazing as I kept plucking grasses with my hands and he decided to walk past me. As soon as he crossed over, I started chasing him making a heavy breathing sound of an angry bull and uprooting the grasses at the same time. He ran very fast and I also ran fast after him growling. After sometime, he felt helpless and started screaming for help. I could not stop bursting into laughter at that point. As soon as he noticed it was me, he returned and hit me on the head so hard. It was a very hilarious incident. A blind cheating another blind was a great fun.

4. Once my aunt had instructed me to watch out for any goat or cow that might sneak into the premises and take the fodder and some cattle-feed kept outside the kitchen. She then disappeared into the neighborhood. Soon I heard the sound of fodder and the cattle-feed buckets being touched and opened. I was lying down on my father’s bed in the kitchen and I tried to drive the creature away by shouting from inside the kitchen but it would not go away. Scared that it might be a bull, I slowly sneaked out of the kitchen, picked up a stick and wagged it violently in the direction of the sound. Still the creature did not move away. Then I wrapped my hand around the pillar on the balcony of the kitchen and stretched myself to the farthest angle possible and wagged my stick again. Suddenly a human laughter exploded. It was a deaf-and-dumb neighbor who was granted permission by my aunt to take some cattle-feed for his cows. He kept laughing but I could not explain why I tried to beat him away. I said sorry but I knew he never heard me and I never saw his sign language. That was another funny experience.

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