Sunday, March 6, 2016

Five weird things we do on Facebook

Facebook Logo. Courtesy: Google.

The moment we hear about social media, the first thing that crosses our mind is Facebook. We know that it is one of the most popular social networking sites today with over millions of registered users worldwide. It has become an ideal platform for people to interact with their friends and family-members as it provides easy access to hundreds and thousands of audience at any given point of time. With its user-friendly design and several amazing features, it has helped us create a completely different world online for each of us. We may not have so many friends to talk to in the real world, but we always have at least somebody to talk to on Facebook, be it a friend or a stranger any moment we log in. In fact, most of us would have more friends on Facebook than in reality. It has become a social medium for people to reach out to those whom they love or interact with the public either casually or officially. It is being used as a means to reach out to people both by individuals and organizations today as it provides so many interactive features that enable us to do whatever we like. So we have started posting all kinds of stuff, both serious and funny, for the public to see. As a result, we often end up doing strange things online. Here are five weird things we do on Facebook today.

1. We know that people may not be interested in what we do every day, yet we never stop posting what we had for breakfast or where did we spend the day or with whom. The funnier thing is that we log in back every five minutes to check if anybody has liked or commented on our post and get silently disappointed if nobody has noticed our status update.

2. Tagging friends in status updates or stories without considering whether or not they would be interested in what we share is another weird thing we often do on Facebook. In fact, we must tag our friends in only those articles we think they must know and do not bother them in those stuffs which we think have nothing to do with them. But why do we tag people in the first place? We just do that to make sure that our posts do not go unnoticed and that we get at least a few likes, shares or positive comments. Can we call it E-begging? Well, it appears to be so as long as the posts we share are not relevant to those people whom we tag.

3. Liking the tragic/sad status updates of our friends is another equally strange thing we do on Facebook either knowingly or out of ignorance. Whenever somebody posts a sad update or shares a tragic story, we like it and I feel this is like saying “good!” when our friend says “My mother is diagnosed with cancer”. But we are not completely at fault here. We have no option but to like any post we see on Facebook because there is no “dislike” button. So sometimes when we come across emotionally sensitive posts, we are faced with dilemma whether or not to like it.

4. Sharing personal stuffs such as being frustrated with somebody or something, or being lonely and sad, can be good at times because when people like and offer advice/suggestions, it makes us feel better. But sometimes sharing stuffs that are too personal for no good reason becomes funny. For instance, we often tag our spouses and openly declare how much we love them. In the first place, why do we want others to know how much we love our spouses? Everybody loves his or her spouse as much as we love ours. This also makes people wonder if Facebook is the only medium through which we talk with our spouses. Can’t we confess this in person?

5. On a lighter side, Facebook is the only place where we can laugh without even smiling. When somebody posts funny stuffs, we simply comment “hahaha, or LOL (Laughing Out Loud)” and the funniest thing is that when we type it, we don’t even smile. But this fake laughter also helps us neutralize awkward situations online especially while flirting with girls who are not so familiar with us. . We can say whatever we like and then type “haha, or LoL” at the end. This makes the person on the other end to believe we were not serious and we will be forgiven easily.

On a positive note, Facebook has become an important medium of communication and interaction today. Almost all our friends are there and if we ever want to leave any message for them, we can simply do that either on their wall or send them a private message. In fact, their response on Facebook could be even quicker than emails. People say that Facebook is similar to the refrigerator because although we know there is nothing inside, we open it every now and then to see what is there. So naturally the response rate will be faster on Facebook than any other form of communication. So even I am an active Facebook user and I am also not an exception to what I have mentioned above. If we know how to use social media responsibly, Facebook is perhaps one of the greatest virtual platforms where we can be.

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