Friday, January 15, 2016

Why it is good to be sensitive?

As human beings, we all are born sensitive. As babies, we can easily respond to the facial expressions and the tone of the voice of our caregivers. Even the slightest change in the tone of the voice or facial expression of our caregivers can make us either laugh or cry. This shows we are born with pure sensitivity and innocence. But as we grow up, we are gradually taught how to develop thicker skin. Great masters say it’s good to be sensitive, but it seems the society does not want so many sensitive people around. Since the beginning of human history, our society has always been looking for people who do not mind to kill and to be killed. Several wars and battles have been fought at the cost of so many lives fueled by unquenchable human greed and ego. Yet, it seems even the two great World Wars have not satisfied our men. The continuous bloodsheds in the world today, and the silent competition among the nations in the production of sophisticated weapons of mass destruction like the recent testing of Hydrogen Bomb by North Korea, all indicate that people are still preparing for the third World War.

Today, the world is full of people who do not place much value on human lives. Be it in the name of God or their obligation to the society, they are ready to kill or get killed. The society has taught us how to be tough and strong. We are tamed like animals to compete with, fight and destroy our own brothers and sisters who have equal rights to share a place with us in this world. This is what happens when our heart becomes poisonous with hatred, jealousy and aggression. We have learned in Gyalse Laglen in school that these negative human emotions are our internal enemies which must be subdued before trying to subdue our external enemies. This makes a lot of sense because the world can certainly come to rest if we first subdue our internal enemies, but if we fail to subdue them and keep on pursuing our physical enemies, the wars can never end. For instance, we have been engaged in wars for ages, and yet no permanent solution to the problems has been ever found.

I feel if all of us were equally sensitive to the needs of each other, we would not have had to go to wars. Since sensitivity can enhance our abilities to be in others’ shoes and look at the situation from different angles, we would have surely found peaceful solutions to numerous problems affecting our lives. More importantly, we would have no ego, hatred or jealousy that have set boundaries among us today. So it’s absolutely great to be sensitive.

George Bernard Shaw, the famous 20th-century British playwright was visited by one of his friends one day. His friend found a beautiful flower garden around Shaw’s house but when he entered his room, he found that the room looked so dead without any decoration on the walls. So he asked Shaw why couldn’t he pluck some flowers from his garden and decorate his room. To this, he responded, “I love flowers, but I also love children. My flowers in the garden are my children. They are so innocent with full of life and I always enjoy watching them dance to the rhythm of breeze that blows over them. So I can never dare to pluck their heads and decorate my room. I don’t want my children’s corpses hanging from my walls.” This shows Shaw was a very sensitive person. An emotionally sensitive person would be able to care and love everybody and everything around him or her. This is a perfect example of being sensitive to the needs and concerns of others. Being sensitive is a great blessing. This is what makes us a true human being.

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