Sunday, November 1, 2015

Problems are not always as bad as they are thought to be

Life is like a car. Once you get behind the wheel, it becomes your responsibility to get to your destination no matter how bad may be the condition of the road ahead of you. Challenges are everywhere and sometimes they make you feel that you are more unlucky and miserable than others. But if you look around carefully, you would find that there is nobody in this world who would not have undergone similar experiences you have been through. Problems are part of life and there isn’t anything that can be done to strip them off completely. But as nothing happens without a reason, I think it’s also important to realize that problems are there just because there are solutions. It’s true that every problem has a solution and if you can take time to think and explore it, you can definitely find your way out. People say God has plans for each of us but I am sure they don’t always materialize if we do not strive to implement them. Whenever we are bound in a chain of problems, sitting down and crying won’t break us free. We must always have the courage to pave our path through the wilderness of time as we move forward in life.

Sometimes I feel that problems are given to us by God only to make us active and creative. Life without any challenge would definitely be very dull and quiet because people would not have to even think or interact with each other. Today, we have built a human society which respects and understands the needs of all of its members just because of the problems we share globally. I feel that challenges have taught us the value of helping one another and living in greater unity in the world. Just because we have common problems, scientists are constantly working to find solutions either through technical innovations or modern human development paradigms. Without problems, I think we would not have reached where we are today in terms of human civilization. So, I feel problems are not always as bad as they are thought to be.

We somehow all need challenges in our life to remain motivated and active throughout our life. When problems engulf us, it’s not the end of everything. Shying away from challenges by killing yourself is never a good solution. I feel that if those who have committed suicide so far could have waited for sometime, their problems could have certainly been resolved. All problems are a temporary phenomenon and with time, they all naturally get off your way. As HG Wells has said “Today’s crisis is tomorrow’s joke”, you might even laugh at yourself tomorrow after crossing over to the other side of the problem. Every challenge must be taken as an opportunity to strengthen your independence and learn new skills that can further push you to a better future. Instead of sitting and crying with the problems around you, it’s always worth fighting the obstacles and dragging yourself towards the brighter side of life. Otherwise, you can never progress in your journey.

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  1. inspirational post..sir..thank you so much...your words never leave me uninspired. keep sharing la..