Saturday, September 12, 2015

On the 10th death anniversary of my father

I can’t imagine how fast time slips away. Ten years have passed so quickly since my father left me behind. It was on this very day in 2005 when he surrendered to God in Samtse hospital. Since then, 11th September has been a painful reminder of that sad moment for me every year. I can still remember his joyful laughter, insightful arguments and various words of wisdom he used to share with me when he was alive. He was the real epitome of strength, courage and wisdom for me. But as his days closed in, I had no option but to let him go on that fateful day.

To mark his 10th death anniversary today, I went to Changangkha Lhakhang with my wife and youngest son to offer our prayers for his eternal peace and better rebirth if he has not yet been reborn. We offered butter-lamps and prayed, in our own small way, for the eternal peace of his blessed soul. I know that’s the only thing I can do for my dear father now.

I know he was a strong man. He was my God and he was my best friend. Whenever he found me sad, he hugged me and consoled me. When he found me happy, he shared my smiles. After my mother died an untimely death when I was barely 4, the entire responsibility of bringing me up fell upon him. Nevertheless, he never let me down and groomed me to become what I am today. After all of my siblings died later, two of us became the only consolation for each other whenever we went through difficult times. During ten years of our stay at my uncle’s house from 1990-2000, we had woven numerous beautiful dreams for ourselves. He had always imagined living so peacefully with me after I got a job but unfortunately that turned out to be a promise his poor body could not wait for to materialize. Diving back to those sweet memories, I feel empty and hollow without him today. I can’t help often imagining the chair he would have been sitting on and the bed he would have been sleeping on today in my house if he had been still alive. I wish if I could turn back time to relive my childhood with my father enjoying warm hugs in his arms and being blest with his unconditional love and care. Although he must be now miles apart from me, I am doing my best to live up to his wishes. He had always advised me to be strong and confident and I still value his words. I still love him to the moon and back. Today I have a large circle of friends and relatives, but I know there is always a vacuum he has left in his place. People say money can buy everything except your parents, and I think that’s absolutely correct. I truly miss him. May God bless his soul and help him take birth in a better realm.


  1. your letters would tell how you love your father. It's sad that you were not able to live together the live you both dreamt of. Nevertheless. I am pretty sure, he is happy looking down at you now.
    Very inspiring letters.