Wednesday, September 23, 2015

How faith could save a calf

My uncle and his family are devoted Christians and they believe in the supernatural powers of Jesus Christ and the bible. But on the other hand, I am a devoted Buddhist and I believe in the teachings of Lord Buddha. After having learned Buddhist philosophies in Dzongkha lessons in the school for years, I have understood more about Buddhism than any other religion and hence, I decided to call myself a Buddhist since my early school days. So when I went to my uncle’s place during winter vacations, I was spiritually in conflict with rest of the family because even my father was a Christian after he was convinced that believing in Jesus Christ would help him get rid of his physical disability. He was paralyzed on the left-side of his body after he suffered a brain stroke due to hypertension and he had tried almost everything available within his reach to treat his life-long disease. But he never compelled me to become a Christian to get rid of my disability. He told me a couple of times that if I believed in Christ, I might regain my sight but after I convinced him that I have understood more about Buddhism and that I would continue to believe it, he never persuaded me to go to the church with him although I occasionally went to give him company.

However, my uncle would often say that I should join them for evening prayers and I would comply with the requests without hesitation. But deep in my heart, I always prayed from the Buddhist perspective. I had my prayer-beads which I openly counted as I chanted Buddhist mantras and went to witness Tshechus and receive blessings from great Lamas. My uncle never discouraged me though. At one occasion when my neighbor’s cousin invited me to go with him to receive blessings from Jadruel Rinpoche who had come from India, my uncle even gave me Nu.20 when I told him that I did not have even a single penny to offer to the Lama while receiving blessings. So, that was a clear indication that he did not actually have much objection to my faith in a different religion than theirs.

It was during one of the winter vacations and I think I had completed either class VIII or IX. My uncle and his family had a cow and a calf but at one point of time, the calf became sick and suffered from constant diarrhea. The calf’s health drastically deteriorated overtime and it had become so weak and thin. It could not eat or drink anything. My uncle conducted prayers in the name of Jesus Christ and blessed the calf with bibles several times but nothing worked. One day while sitting alone under a mango tree behind the house, I got an idea. I thought I should try to treat the calf according to my own belief. So, I plucked a few mango leaves and using my braille writing-frame, I typed the Buddhist Mantra “Aom ah hung baza guru pema sidhi hung” on each leaf. Then I prayed in my own way for the quick recovery of the calf and gave the leaves to the calf to eat. The calf ate all the leaves and as it chewed the leaf, I kept chanting the mantra for the good health of the poor creature. I am still not sure if it was a mere coincidence but the calf started to get better just from next day. The diarrhea gradually stopped and the calf began to regain its health. My uncle declared that Jesus Christ healed the calf while deep in my heart, I always believed Guru Rinpoche healed the creature. So, I still don’t know whose faith actually worked for that calf. I still believe today that it was one of the positive outcomes of one’s deep faith in God. If you have faith, miracles can happen.

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  1. You are right sir...gods never turn deaf to our prayers and blind to our sufferings and pains. They always keep watching us and blessing us but we hardly perceive their love and care...And I too believe in Buddhism no matter what others talk about other religions. Anyway it was a good read la..keep sharing...Take care...:)