Sunday, September 6, 2015

How emotional intelligence can make a difference in a person's life

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to identify and manage one’s own emotions and the emotions of others. But in the hassles and bustles of daily life, we often seem to lose this ability to feel for others. I feel it is an important tool for a successful and harmonious social life because understanding and respecting each other’s feelings is what has kept us united throughout our history. I think those who have high emotional intelligence are more sensitive to others’ feelings and can look at things from others’ perspectives. I can’t say that I have high EQ but I can relate to others easily and respect their feelings. This is one quality in me which I am grateful to have been blest with. Likewise, we have so many emotionally sensitive people who are not only aware of their own emotions but they can also identify and respect others’ feelings. But there are also some people who do not seem to care about others at all.

Yesterday, the Hindu devotees in Thimphu had gathered at Durga temple in my neighborhood to observe the auspicious birth anniversary of Lord Krishna. Throughout the day, the Pundit performed rituals in the temple and people continued to come in to offer prayers and receive blessings. It’s a customary for the people and Pundits to remain in the temple till midnight singing hymns and chanting prayers. As the day settled down, more people got together to attend the evening prayers and join the choir to sing hymns. The temple was equipped with loud-speakers and microphones and as the people began to sing the religious songs at the top of their lungs, their voices echoed across the entire neighborhood. It was very interesting and lively as I listened from the window of my house.

But as the night progressed, I started to wonder how other residents might be reacting to such loud noises in the middle of the night. The temple is not in an isolated location. It’s located in the middle of a residential area where most of the residents are Buddhists. If it was during the day time, it was tolerable but at such an odd time of the night, I am sure some of my neighbors would have got annoyed by the noises. In the first place, I even wondered if they really needed loud-speakers to sing hymns within such a small space inside the temple. I am sure they could have done it well without microphones because if God resides in the temple, he can even hear silent prayers. Until midnight, the singing and music continued on loud-speakers and although they weren’t hesitant, I felt guilty of disturbing neighbors from other faith who could be trying to fall asleep. I just thought that those people have low EQ because in the midst of their fun and joy, they failed to recognize the feelings and emotions of other people in the neighborhood. Even when they finally dispersed little after midnight, they walked through the colony talking to each other at the top of their voices and some of them honked their cars without even the slightest sense of guilt and discomfort. I am definitely not against the spiritual activities being conducted at the temple but I just feel that people must learn to be more sensitive to the emotions and feelings of others who are not part of the congregation especially during such odd times. A person with high emotional intelligence will never behave like this.

Therefore, emotional intelligence is a crucial component of a harmonious social life. It’s very important to reflect on one’s own emotional sensitivity and try to identify and respect the feelings of others. This would truly contribute to long-term success and wellbeing in the society. If you want to know your EQ level, you can test yourself Here. I tested mine and I am glad that I have achieved high EQ as I had assumed. It’s a set of simple questions which you need to answer just by ticking and submit. The web-based assessment tool doesn’t only calculate and give you the result, but it also provides further guidance and advice on how to improve your EQ. You don’t even have to register to avail this service.

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