Saturday, August 15, 2015

The ultimate journey of life

Doing simple meditation early in the morning with a soothing melody at the background has been a very rewarding and enriching experience for me. With my eyes closed, I can easily see the universe both within and around me as I gradually drift into the subconscious level of mind rolling with the melodious music at the background. The cold air entering my nostrils as I inhale and the hot air leaving my body as I exhale and the subsequent feeling of my body becoming lighter as I breathe in and heavier as I breathe out, all help me increase my self-awareness and gives a clearer insight into what is life after all. This is a simple mindfulness exercise but truly it takes me farther into what looks like the ultimate journey of our life.

Riding on the sweet melody of music playing at the background, I can literarily see my consciousness leaving my body and wandering alone in this vast empty universe. I can neither see anybody around me nor can I hear any human voice. It’s an utterly lonely journey across quiet mountains, valleys, oceans and deserts under the wide, empty skies. . I feel as though I am flying with clouds with no proper planned destination. I am completely detached from my loving kids and caring wife. I am all alone. Is this what is going to be like after death? This experience brings me very close to the reality of impermanence and mortality.

The universal truth is that we all came to this world alone and hence, we must also return alone. Even the twins are not born together: they are born in a sequence. As Lord Buddha has said, we all are only guests here in this world and nobody is going to live here forever. So, it makes no sense that we accumulate wealth and acquire power during our short stay here because when we die, we all must go empty-handed. This is the ultimate truth of human existence and with meditation, I always find myself closer to this painful realization. Ultimately, it’s true that we all exist in emptiness: no permanent physical body, no luxurious cars, no buildings, nothing: just the consciousness. Everything is changing constantly and nothing is eternal. Whether we like it or not, we must face it one day and how confidently you face it depends on how much you have prepared for it.

Death is inevitable. No matter how many great doctors and astrologers you consult, you can never evade your fate when the right time comes. Whatever that begins must come to an end. This often makes me panic because I feel I have not yet done anything that can help me through this ultimate journey of life. But at least through meditation, I have been constantly reminded of such sad realities of life and I feel this realization is somehow trying to guide me in my day-to-day life. It’s really painful to think of that particular day when you have to leave for the unknown world against your own will and that of your loved ones. You cannot even come back to help your loved ones (parents, siblings, children, spouse, neighbors, relatives and friends) wipe their tears as your abandoned body turns into ashes and returns to Earth. Ultimately, you will become only a memory and with the passage of time, that too will fade away. So, this is the ultimate meaning of life. I feel this universal truth is a gentle reminder to all of us that we have no time to hate others and indulge in undesirable activities. It calls for a more humane world where all of us can live together in harmony, helping and loving each other, and doing things that can immortalize our short stay in this world. Let us all be guided by positive thinking and good heart so that when we die, we can at least die with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that we have lived our life in the right manner. May God bless all of us!


  1. Truly reflected..sir...we have an unbreakable bond with the worldly attachments and we do so much for amassing wealth and money as if we are going to live for eternity. Not realizing the impermanence of life, we let ourselves overtaken by the endless desires and greed. so foolish we are! So I conceive that life is a gift of god if only we know how to live and it is just a wheel of sufferings if we don't do meaningful deeds...Therefore, being a good human is only a preparation for the ultimate journey like you said...Nice realization..sir...loved it.... keep sharing....:)

  2. Nice Sir! Keep up your good habit la! :)