Thursday, August 20, 2015

Another caution for pedestrians

My wife told me that just this morning, one of her training-mates at Gangjung Driving Institute was hit by a speeding Bolero taxicab while crossing the road after being dropped off near his house by Gangjung bus. The bus had not yet left when the speeding taxi hit him and flung him across the drains. When the remaining passengers of the bus heard a loud thud, they all turned around and were shocked to see the tragedy. He had got down the bus just a few seconds ago. When people rushed to the scene, he was already unconscious and bleeding from the head. They could not do anything but to put him in the same taxi and send him to hospital. Nobody still knows what will happen to him. People say he was in a critical condition. May God be on his side for now!

I and my wife were discussing how could he have failed to notice the approaching car while crossing the road. We then came up with our own theory. Both of us assumed that he might have crossed the road from behind the bus which had dropped him and because of this, he could not have seen the approaching car from the opposite direction as the bus was still there. The bus had dropped him on the left-side of the road and he had to cross over to the other side of the road to get to his house. So we just thought if our theory is correct, this incident would not have happened if he had waited for the bus to leave so that he could have got a clearer view of the road and the approaching cars.

No matter how he had crossed the road today, I feel that crossing the road from behind huge parked vehicles like buses and trucks would be always dangerous because they would block the view of other approaching cars. The drivers would not see the pedestrians trying to cross the road and the pedestrians would not see the approaching vehicles. So, this creates a very dangerous situation for both pedestrians and drivers. A wife of one of my friends also nearly got hit by a car while trying to cross the road from behind a parked bus a few years ago.

Considering this scenario, both I and my wife agreed that it’s always safe to cross the road in an open area where you can have a clear view of the entire road. We must always be careful while crossing the road from behind huge parked vehicles because you would never know if any car is approaching from the other direction. So, I strongly feel that it would always be better to keep a safe distance from the parked vehicles to cross the road so that you would have a better view of the approaching cars. Looking at the degree of vehicular madness on Bhutanese roads, it’s extremely important for each of us to be very careful while crossing the roads to ensure our safety. My wife is already losing her confidence to drive after this particular incident. May God always bless us all!

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  1. It is true, I have come across such reckless drivers almost everyday. It is quite sad how it comes to be. Ours to be a peaceful land with sober people, but it seems like otherwise. I urge my family and friends always remain watchful and alert while crossing roads and walking outside.