Saturday, July 11, 2015

The work of my 18-year-old brain

A couple of weeks ago, I was very happy to know that my brother-in-law still had the old magazine of National Institute for the Disabled (NID) in Khaling where I studied from 1990-2001. The magazine was published in 1999 to mark the Silver Jubilee of the Institute which started as Zangley Muenseling School for the Blind in 1973. I was studying in grade X when this magazine was published and as a senior student, I got the opportunity to contribute three articles for the magazine. Now after 17 years, I get a mixed feeling while going through my own articles. I feel as though I have wound back my time by 17 years because I feel I am re-living those days in Khaling. So, I would like to share those three poems which I had written 17 years ago as a tribute to my king, country and the institute. I am afraid the language is not as good as it appeared then. But I guess they would be worth your time.

Bhutan, the Beloved Shadow of My Heart

For indeed, I have a great bliss of being in this land
Where the honey-colored days never do leave.
I see the glorious halo encircling my land
And beauteous eight lucky signs waving in blooms,
The gentle, fragrant breeze of dancing blooms,
Fills the soul of my land with enduring zest
The lovely pines rising over the mountain walls,
And the beautiful cypresses rising over the valleys
Engrave my land with peace and harmony
My lovely country has been blessed by nature,
And covered over with her perpetual glory.

My native land is full of life now
And every heart remains in melodious song.
The misty rays of the moon touch the floor,
And my mother kingdom rolls in those beams of peace.

I have great pride of being born in this heavenly land
And though I may not be able to physically lay my vision on her
I have been so lucky to be one of the sons of this land.
May I never so abuse the boon I have obtained
And though the world may not expect more from me,
Let my dreams and wishes be fated from heaven,
May my covetous soul reach the destination.
To render a masterpiece of my living kingdom
May her smiling glory be seen forever.


To my beloved king, the Native Soul of my country

My beloved king the native soul of my country
Has confidently raised the glory of my country
And I can even fancy that my country is a heaven now.

To this day, the sun rays of my beloved king continues to enlighten my native kingdom
He opened my country’s door
And admitted her firmly into the new light of the world
We are now so lucky to enjoy the fruits of his grace.

All heavenly gifts have touched my nation’s heart
And we all abound with free facilities
I see the picture of my beloved king as a boon
Perhaps, it might have been a heavenly prophecy
That this divine kingship has generously blessed our kingdom
I have thousands of wishes and love for my beloved king
And for my native kingdom.


To NID, the source of My Light

My lovely school has come into the scene,
As a flash of light descended from the heaven.
And I have certainly obtained my life from this soul school
Though I visually miss the physical world
I also enjoy the world’s beauty through my mind

Though fate made me disabled
I am happy to have found my path in life
With the help of this institute
I am on the way to my destiny
And never shall I let this appreciation fade from memory

I have praise too for my generous teachers
For taking my hand
And for helping me find the route to my life

My precious teachers are the key to my humanity
And it is their grace that I have grown to this level
There was a time when I was lingering in innocence
And I can still remember the alphabets
Dancing at the tips of my fingers
Before I even knew what they were
But once my gracious teachers blessed me with words
My innocence opened to a lively light
And sacredly enlightened into the atmosphere of wisdom
I shall therefore bow in a keen reverence
In gratitude for their graceful generosity
They have really pushed me to a life of purpose
Had I not come across my generous masters
My life would surely have been flapping in vain

For this I have much to praise the course of generosity
That my beloved teachers and the royal government have kindled in me
For this let my intense thirst for reward be quenched truly
And let my wishes never go after evil.



Special thanks to my sister-in-law Binita Rai for transcribing the articles into the electronic format.


  1. Sir, you wrote beautiful poems. Amazing. At that age, though I used to read, I couldn't even come up with proper and accurate words and relations, let alone of composing one lyrical as yours. And the fact that you could write extra ordinary poems despite your disability is worthy of salute. I salute you.
    Keep on composing more.
    Thank you for making the poems available to us, readers.
    Buddha bless you.

  2. Hi Mr. Sonam, thanks for checking out the poems. I can find some grammatical errors here and there when I go through them now but still I feel they remind me of those beautiful days.... I love poems but I have not been able to write a good one so far. hahaha.