Monday, July 20, 2015

The unforgettable night

I can never forget that night
When you just hugged me tight
And promised that you would keep me forever in your heart
Although you had not fully recovered from the pain of the previous cut.

I still remember shedding tears
When you told me how your previous boy-friend did pierce
Your innocent heart shattering it into a thousand pieces
After fulfilling all his wishes.

“How dare men play with somebody else’s life like a toy?”
I said sharing your pain inflicted by your previous boy
But I did not know that you would also one day wear his face
And leave me in a similar mess.

I still remember that particular moment of the night
When you promised that you would never let me get out of your sight,
And I still feel the warmth of walking with you arms in arms along the moonlit road
When you escorted me later that night and left me near my school signboard.

For several days you filled my life with light
And made my world clear and bright
But no matter how much I tried to retain that glory,
I lost it when you changed the course of our story.

Away you went never to come back again
While in the darkness I remained crying with pain;
And with all dreams fallen apart,
Just like a shadow I lived for days with a weeping heart.

Although time has now healed everything,
The fading memory of that particular night does still bring
A mixed feeling of joy and pain
When I revisit that crossroad where our paths divulged into different directions never to meet again.



  1. This is exactly what happened to me with this last guy... he said he had been hurt, I opened up and trusted him... then he hurt me and walked away. It's so hard to trust again, I'm not sure that I can or if I want too...

  2. Really a painful poem to be read sir. It has touched my heart.

  3. Oye Amrith BE Happy with your family forget about past don't be so emotional. I will report to your wife........... be careful na mo. Live in present.

  4. Hi Aum Deki, m always happy with my family y.... I don't even remember when I wrote this poem. I found it in an old folder on my hard-drive. So, just decided to share it here. I think it was written as a tribute to that past experience. But you can definitely tell my wife. hahahaha.

  5. heat-touching poem..sir...loved it!