Friday, July 31, 2015

The most intelligent boy: a short story for fun

Once upon a time, there lived a boy called Tashi in a small kingdom. He was born with extraordinarily high IQ and there wasn’t any puzzle or trick which he could not solve. As he grew up, he gradually began to gain popularity in the country and every day hundreds of people thronged before his house to test his innate intelligence. Every time he was given a puzzle, he left the audience dumb with amazement. He was about 17 and was living with his Father after the sudden demise of his Mother when he was 10. As more and more people came to know about his miraculous abilities, his name and fame spread like wild fire countrywide.

One day, the King of the country came to know about the matter and wished to see the boy once. Indeed, he was of view that there wasn’t anybody else in his country who was more clever and intelligent than himself but when he came to know that such a boy lived in his kingdom, he desired to throw a challenge at him out of utter jealousy. So he ordered his Security Guards to summon the boy to the Royal Palace. The Guards then went on to trace the boy and when finally found, the boy’s Father refused to spare him fearing that he might be executed. “Don’t worry, Dad! I will be back safely” said Tashi to his Father and left for the Palace with the Royal Body-guards. Soon he was admitted to the Royal Chamber where the King was awaiting him. “Oh, are you the most intelligent guy in this country? What’s your name?” asked the king. “Yes, Your Majesty! That’s what people consider me!” replied the boy. “And my name is Tashi.” “I see! Now I am going to test you further and only if you prove your name before my eyes, you will be considered a National hero” demanded the King. “Your Majesty, I am always ready at your command and I will try my best not to disappoint you!” said Tashi. “Alright then. If you think you are the most intelligent guy in this country, you must get me a purse made out of slates of rock tomorrow! Is it okay?” commanded the King. “Sure, Your Majesty!” Tashi promised and left for home. As he entered the house, his worried father inquired what the King said. When he told him that he was asked to offer him a purse made of slates, Tashi’s father nearly fainted. “Now what shall we do? I think you will surely be executed if you fail to fulfill his command” lamented his father but Tashi was still confident. “You need not worry, Dad” he said. “I have an idea.”

The next day, he carried a few gravels in a bag and went to the Royal Court. “Have you brought the purse?” asked the King. “No, Your Majesty!” he replied. “I have made everything ready but could not get the thread which is strong enough for stitching the purse. So I would be most grateful if Your Majesty could kindly make threads with these gravels for me!” said he as he took out his bag of gravels. Shocked and furious, the King shouted “Who the hell do you think can make threads out of gravels?” “Then Your Majesty, have you ever seen purse made of slates?” said Tashi making the King speechless for a while. “Yes, I think you have won this time, but tomorrow, you need not come. Send your Father instead; I want to test him” ordered the King and let him go home. When he got home, he shared his pride in the family that he defeated the King. “I have defeated the King but now he wants you to report to him tomorrow!” said Tashi to his father. “Oh God, what will he ask me to do now? I am not as intelligent as you” exclaimed his Father who was already worried.

In the following day, Tashi’s father fearfully went to the Palace and entered the Chamber. “Come in! Are you Tashi’s father?” asked the King. “Yes Lord!” he replied freezing with fear and worry. “Now you must bring me a calf born out of an ox! Did you understand? If you fail to do so, then your son will be either imprisoned or executed” announced the King. “For now, you can go.” Intensely worried and stressed, Tashi’s father headed home. As he entered the house, his son inquired “Dad, what did the King say?” “Well, I think today will be your last day, my son! He has asked me to get a calf born out of an ox and from where can I get it overnight? He has ordered that if I fail to carry out his order, you will be executed!” answered his father who had no idea what to do next. Tashi thought for a while and said “O Dad, you need not worry. I have got an idea; tomorrow, you stay at home and I will go to him instead!” “No son, he will kill you then” cried his father. “No Dad, I will go and make him understand how intelligent am I” stressed Tashi and decided to substitute his father. As the darkness overlapped the atmosphere, the family settled for the night.

When the following day broke, Tashi had his breakfast and started off to the King’s Palace. As soon as he stepped in, the King shouted “Why have you again come? I had asked your father to come, not you. Why did you come?” “No Lord, my father gave birth to a baby last night and he is currently admitted in the Hospital. So he could not come today!” said Tashi. The King at once grew even more furious and shouted at the top of his voice “What nonsense are you talking about? Have you ever seen men delivering babies like women?” “You are right, Lord, but have you also ever seen an ox giving birth to a calf?” retaliated Tashi. The King once again lost his words and finally he had to acknowledge and appreciate the intelligence of the boy. As promised earlier, Tashi had to be ultimately worshipped as the National Hero for his extraordinary brain.


Author's note

This is the unedited version of the folktale I had written seven years ago for one of my ex-colleagues as part of his academic project-work.

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  1. Nice but i am not intelligent in anything i am a looser and everybody jokes me