Thursday, July 16, 2015

As funny as this: how I scared away the girl I had loved

First of all, I must confess that during my school days, I think my life was similar to that of a street beggar because I never had the luxury of wearing even nice cloths. The only difference could be that I didn’t have to worry about my daily meals since I was studying in a boarding school where food and hostel facilities are provided free by the government. Otherwise, I was absolutely penniless with no reliable source of support particularly after my father got paralyzed in November 1990. So till I was in grade 6, I could never afford to wear even underwear inside my Gho. However, as long as I didn’t slip off or climb up somewhere, I was safe in my Gho because people never noticed what I was wearing inside. But whenever teachers took us outside to study in the sun especially during cold months, I had to be really careful while sitting down on the ground. I would usually choose to sit at the back to ensure that people from across the rows didn’t see what they were not supposed to see.

In 1992, the annual Sports Day of Khaling Primary School was approaching and since the visually impaired students were also included in the event, we were required to take part in at least one activity. I was studying in grade 3 then. I chose to participate in the wheelbarrow-race category not realizing that it was a challenging game especially for someone wearing no underwear inside the Gho. It requires you to run on your hands with both your legs held up by your partner at his hips and that too was with the school-uniform on. Soon, we were summoned to the play-ground for practice. The actual event was still a few days away.

There was a girl in my class whom I had loved so much as a friend. She was also with me at the ground. My partner was a tall low-vision guy named Dawa Tashi. As we lined up for the practice, my partner lifted both my legs up and held them at hips while I stood on my hands deeply worried if my Gho slips down over me. I always tried to maintain the right angle between my head and my legs to help my Gho remain at the same place because I didn’t have underwear inside. When the whistle blew, we started running. I tried to run as fast as I could to maintain the safe angle and there was this girl cheering me up. “Run faster, Amrith!” she kept shouting beside me as I raced across the ground. On the other hand, my friend was pushing me hard from behind and I was already having tough time keeping my pace with him. “You are about to win!” the girl continued. But just then, one of my hands fell into a small pothole on the ground and got stuck while my friend continued to push me hard from behind. As a result, my legs went steeply high up in the air making me first stand on my head and then topple down on the ground. In the process, my Gho had completely rolled over me exposing the entire lower part of my body to the public. I tried to get up as fast as I could but when I got up, the girl who was cheering me up had already run away. I was so embarrassed for several days but fortunately, she never brought up that topic when we met afterwards. I was angry with my friend and even grumbled at him, but he would keep laughing every time I talked to him about this incident. That was one funny as well as embarrassing moment of my childhood days.


  1. It is always good to start a day with laughter. You brought it for me through this today. Thank you sir.

  2. haha....this literally took me to the golden years of schools.
    Always nice to read your stories sir.

  3. I really like the right sense of humour n positivism that goes into ur writings even when u talk about some tough realities of life n ur personal journey in it...If literature truly is a reflection of life...then u do reflect it perfectly through ur every piece. U r a great writer n a wonderful person.

  4. hahahah I know how hilarious your are.....anyways....superb joke.

  5. haha.... what a hilarious narration!! sir...It made me laugh as if I have gone insane....Moreover you reminded me of my primary school life because I also had gone through such embarrassing moment when I was in grade 3,i was during PE(physical education) class and our PE teacher took us out to play and we chose to play 'cat and rat' . In this game I played as a rat where I would be chased by my opponent(cat) and like you i never used to wear underwear. so while playing the game, I happened to hit on one of my fellow mates and I fell on the ground...That time just exactly like you, the wind had blown my lower gho on the upper part leaving my lower part naked....But thank god! they had seen just my buttock because i was fast to pull down my gho....But I really felt embarrassed in front of my fellow mates and the teacher. My face became as red as an apple...I still remember that moment vividly...