Friday, July 3, 2015

A song of a broken heart

What a big dream I had in my life
But as misfortunes stabbed me one after another with a sharp knife,
All my dreams have gone down the drain
And here in the pool of my own blood I am still crying with pain.

Never fades away from my head the image of your moon-shaped face
And no matter how much I try to forget those bygone days,
Tears keep rolling down my eyes
Although nobody can hear my silent cries.

I wish if I could once again revive
Those smiles which you had before you killed me alive
But seeing how you have changed from the time when we first met,
I have no reason to doubt that you had treated me only like a pet.

Anyway I respect the choice you have made on your part
To listen to your heart
And take a different path from that of mine
AndI pray that you may always be fine.


Author's note
This is a short imaginary poem I have written last night after being inspired by a Nepali love song. I hope some of you might love it...

1 comment:

  1. Nice poem sir.I love all ur writings esp ur life stories.I even cried reading some of them.u truly r an inspiration to me,not only in writing but in everything.please keep writing.