Sunday, June 28, 2015

The invisible killer lurking in the air

Due to the intensive development of wireless communication technologies in the world today, our atmosphere is being loaded with thousands of low intensity microwaves which travel through us at various frequencies every second. If visible, you would see that the air, be it at home or anywhere else, hosts a huge traffic of such electromagnetic radiation and we are just caught in between those waves. The sad thing is that there’s no physical boundary for these waves and we can’t see what do they do to our nervous system when they pass through our brain.

When you travel in an aircraft, the crew will always remind you to switch off your mobile phones before take-off to prevent them from interfering with the aircraft’s communication system but on the ground, even if you switch off your mobile phones and radios, the electromagnetic waves are always passing through the atmosphere, hanging around and over you, ready to be picked up by right devices. We have so many communication devices today at home and in the office which do not need physical connection to the base transmitting stations and this makes life more easy and cheaper. But although these electromagnetic radiations are non-ionizing waves and that they do not carry enough energy to break the intermolecular bonds of an atom under normal conditions, several studies have suggested that long-term exposure to such type of radiation can provoke cancerous growth and other health problems.

So, what can we now do with our mobile phones, the most frequently used communication device which depends on such electromagnetic radiation to communicate with the base transmitting stations? Experts have been advising us to minimize the use of mobile phones but mobile communication has been a necessity nowadays. Some suggest that we could put the mobile phones on a loud-speaker while answering and making calls as that would take the devices a bit far away from the brain. But some calls require privacy and we can’t always put our incoming and outgoing calls on a loud-speaker. Mobile phones are not the only devices that use microwaves. Mostly in offices, we have wifi internet connections which produce the same waves to connect the devices with the main access points. Likewise, we have many devices which produce and use electromagnetic field to connect the devices to the main sources such as radios, printers, TV remote-controllers, etc. I think we will be exposed to such radiation throughout our life. I don’t know if it’s true but some years ago, I had received an email from a friend about how an egg placed in between two mobile phones had got cooked after 60 minutes of active call session. If the electromagnetic radiation emitted by the mobile phones could have changed the proteins of an egg, it can surely affect our brain. Thinking about all such rapidly growing flow of electromagnetic microwaves especially those coming from artificial sources such as mobile phones and other electronic gadgets, sitting in the office or at home surrounded by all sophisticated devices only reminds me of how silently we have been bombarded by invisible radiation every second which could kill us in the longrun.


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