Monday, June 15, 2015

A Vended Poor Lass

Beauty has her way to the city misled
Where to lave in her own tears is she made;
And although equally placed among mankind is she,
So unfairly is she denied the rights of humanity.
Every human soul indeed knows pretty well
That never was she born as a plaything for public sale,
And yet I know not why is she still dragged into such a place
Where like a caged beast is she entrapped in disgrace.

How wild ‘tis indeed to behold mankind
By mankind ensnared and made virtually blind!
For lo! In the murky locker with lusty men around,
In unbreakable human chains is she always kept bound.
Harder throbs my heart when comes to my head
Such a pathetic creature lying helplessly abed,
But sorry that nothing can I do to rewrite her fate
And make her once again like us fortunate!

Now like a feeble lamb amidst wild beasts,
There lies she with inexpressible pain underneath her tired lids;
And although the poets and singers do the world with pride hold,
Never have they in their works her story ever sung or told.
Her days and nights do without light pass by,
And yet finds she no enough strength to fly
Off the immoral grip of those heartless men
Whose every filthy touch leaves on her virtue a stain.

Look how her face which once did with smiles bloom
Has now wilted with thick staining gloom!
And see how her heart which had once sung like yours and mine
Has now forever lost its trace of past happy sign!
O God, is there in heaven no enough rain of grace
Just to bless her again with the liberty of her childhood days?
Should I curse Beauty and call’t a devil’s mask?
Or should I question God why are his people born for such a task?
But I am only a single, unarmed self:
Neither do I have might nor the spell like an elf.

So strange ‘tis in fact to behold
Mankind by mankind like a commodity in the mart sold!
Does it not look like the deed of a beast?
I understand not why does this world in such a nightmare exist,
And know not how can this confusion be away dispelled
So that this falling world can once again be to its former place nailed!
Thank God for blindfolding my sight anyway,
For I should not see on earth such a heap of dismay!


Author's note:

This was the first poem I have written in 2007. It was inspired by the news about innocent girls trafficked from Nepal to be sold in India as prostitutes.