Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Sweetness of May

Photo of May flowers in bloom. Image curtesy: Google

Lavishly adorned with lovely lovely flowers,
The world of May has finally made its appearance
Over the hills and dales with all magical powers
To bless every heart with a thrill of heavenly experience.

Feeding upon the soil nurtured by April showers,
How charmingly has every plant shown miracles to please
Nature with the gift of newly unfolded flowers
Whose beauty brings to the mind a great wave of bliss.

Even in the wild the gentle breath of Spring
Has indeed blest every shrub with its great charm
And as the cheerful birds from treetops sing,
The natural music keeps every mind fresh and warm.

Then in the gardens of villages and towns as well,
I can still see roses and other charismatic flowers
Whose natural fragrance possesses all magical spell
To bless every living soul with the most peaceful and joyful hours.

But ‘tis pretty sad that soon shall be gone
The sweet blessings of vernal breath
As the Summer World with glaring eyes begins to dawn
Over every corner to take over every blossom’s faith.

O you the greatest artist of all,
The world shall indeed forever need your hands and heart
To have painted many a hill and mountain wall
With such blossoms that manifest the real beauty of art.

So may you with the same gifts soon come back
To enliven Nature with the same kind of magical charm
So that those dying shrubs can once again wake
Up to melt the world into a lovely spectrum.



  1. Anjoooiiiii! What a sweet post Amrith Sir! ^^

  2. This is a very sweet and touching article. you have expressed the beauty of flowers very sweetly really a sweet article. It really touch my heart. KEEEEEEEEEEP IT UP