Sunday, May 24, 2015

Everything happens for a good reason

Once upon a time in a remote village, there lived a young man. He grew vegetables and fruits for his livelihood. One day while wandering across his vegetable garden, he noticed that some of his pumpkins were lying on the ground as the vine holding them could no longer bear them up. He put some extra support to the vine in order to lift the pumpkins up from the ground. After surveying his vegetable garden, he stopped under one of his coconut trees to repose for a while.

While lying down face-up under the coconut tree, he saw some ripe coconuts hanging from the branches above. He wondered why Nature was so unfair. He thought that it was not fair on the part of God to allocate large fruits like pumpkins to weak vines and creepers while small fruits are given to strong and big trees. To him, this was never fair. Then in the midst of wandering thoughts, he fell asleep. Suddenly, he was jolted awake when a coconut fell down from the tree and hit him on the head. Only then he realized “what would have happened to me if there was a pumpkin up there?”

As this story conveys, everything happens for a good reason. I have personally gone through many unfavorable circumstances in my life that could have easily sent me to depression. But I would always love to believe that the beautiful journey of our life does not end when one door gets closed. For instance, when I lost my sight at the age of 9, I first thought that I lost my entire world, not realizing that the closure of my visual contact with the world had opened a new door for me to go to school. Until I became blind, I had not been sent to school and hence, it was clear that if I had not lost my vision, I would not have got the opportunity to receive formal education. So, I still feel grateful that I lost my sight on right time. Likewise, I lost one year waiting for the university-admission for undergrad studies in India under the RGoB scholarship in 2001 and although I became one-year junior to my classmates, I have no regrets because it was during this period when I first met my wife. Had I got admission to the university on time, I feel I would not have found my soul-mate. Moreover, going to the university one year later gave me the opportunity to appear for the 1st Civil Service Common Examinations in 2005 because if I had graduated just one year earlier, I would not have managed to sit for the exams due to the mathematics paper which I have never been good at since my high school days. So, all my failures and misfortunes have opened new doors for me both directly and indirectly. I have no regrets for what I have missed in my life. What I feel is that when one door of opportunity shuts, we generally keep looking at the same door for a long time, considering how to break it open again. But the reality is that if you turn around, there will be many other doors opened in different directions that can lead you either to the same or even better destinations. Therefore, I would like to say that your quest for opportunities should not die with one or two failures. When one door closes, we should never forget to turn around to look for similar or better opportunities elsewhere. I strongly believe that whatever happens, it happens for the good. God always has better plans for you if you really believe in yourself.



  1. Indeed Amrith Sir. Whatever one door closed, there are many other doors opened awaiting for us to go through. As long as we are grateful with what we have, put enough effort to pursue what we want to do, with positive mind, we will find another way that we think it's impossible before. Nice post la! :)

  2. U r right, Rima. Thanks for seconding my views la.

  3. Amrith you have such a great attitude... one I would like.. U have a ways to go but I'm working on it... you have such gratitide xox